Blue player displays Red unit icons

Anyone can explain to me why my unit icons show red units when I am a blue player? What could be the issue?

I have a similar issue, except that instead of having color on those symbols, it’s just transparent lol.

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Hey there! A few questions for you:

  • Are you running any UI mods, perchance?
  • If so, what mods are you running? What are their priorities?
  • If you disable those mods, do you still see the issue?

Let me know, and thank you for reporting the issue!

Hello again! I am wondering whether either of you are still seeing issues as of Update 37650? Whether you are or not, please let me know so I can update our Test team! =)

Thanks for the report!

Hello, Can I check if the new dat file from the 28 May patch is editable with the latest AGE3 editor without causing crashes in game?