Blurry Graphics Fix for AMD People

So apparently this game uses TSAA/TAA (anti aliasing method) which causes blurry graphics whereas in the past they used MSAA. Some people have suggested putting “Super Sampling” in the game options above 100% but that will drop your FPS pretty hard. I found a pretty good solution if you have an AMD card. Go into the AMD Adrenalin/AMD Radeon Software settings and enable “Image sharpening.” I have mine set to 80% but you can play around with it. It is a drastic change but I hope this helps!


Thank you so much for this! Nvidia has a similar setting which I completely forgot about and it does wonders for sharpening the image.

For those with Nvidia cards, open the Nvidia Control Panel (Right click Nvidia icon on system tray -> Click Nvidia Control Panel)
Then go to Manage 3D Settings and change the menu from Global Settings to Program Settings.
Look for AOE3DE under the list of programs. If it isn’t there, click Add and navigate to your its installation folder and select its executable.
Now set Image Sharpening to On first and then in to 1.0 in the menu that pops up. You can play around with the values as it suits you, but I found this to work well for me.

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Edit: A link to a post showing comparisons between the sharpened and unsharpened game


If Nvidia users do not find this setting. Update your driver :wink: Mine is to old and i simply do not have this setting yet :smiley: Will update now and I hope it works out ^^

Thx for sharing!


Thanks for the tip guys! Works well with Nvidia as said. Those blurry graphics were really bothering me.


Bless you all for sharing this

Its a big improvement for me, thanks. I shared your solution on the Esoc forum so that as many player can see it.

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Awesome! The ingame image is much sharper and feel as much detailed as it is when zoomed in.

I dont know if this hhas happened to anyone but there is a problem with the graphics i have them at the maximum and, my computer is new and very powerful and the graphics are awful.