Blurry Graphics fix!

If you hate motion blur or LOD this is for you!

Just turn off - Anti-Aliasing
And you will notice how beautiful the game is.

Hey not offense but would appreciate a before and then comparison :smiley:

Depending on the anti aliasing, it can get sharper ofc.

I assume that low anti aliasing is FXAA, which is softening the corners to prevent the staircase effect.
Others like MSAA are the oposite by sharpening edges in higher resolution scaling.

So either high anti aliasing, or turn it off.
If anti aliasing is the problem that is

Lol i never thought about messing with AA. I will give it a try the blurry graphics make me want to smash my display…

If you have nvidia gpu enable image sharpening in global settings.

it is the anti-aliasing that blurs the graphics of the game. After turning it off I can see the minor details really well, the staircase effect is almost nonexistent.

It sharpens the game so you will have better visual
If you turn it on, it washed the graphics to disappear the stair edges and causes blurry graphics

Win Radeon set Radeon sharpening at 30-40% and you will have better graphics…

If having fps issues set the in game texture resolution to 90% and sharpening at 80% you will have a huge fps boost and game will look even better…

My Nvidia overlay is no good at it, if I turn it on, I lose fps no matter what.
So I wouldn’t recommend it at all. Sharpening creates huge color inaccuracies and unwanted edges.

I see… for Radeon it’s works nice