Bo-Hiya Ship - New Japanese Unique Ship

Bo-Hiya Ship - New Japanese Unique Ship

Apparently not many noticed, but the unit that could be the Japanese Springald Ship, instead of the espingarda, launches arrows tied to a rocket. These were called Bo-Hiyas, and were launched with Yumi bows from boats. They were used for sieges and as an offensive method in marine combat, since they set enemy ships on fire with great versatility.

DLC teaser trailer ANALYSIS Japanese Bo-hiya v1.01

Wako pirates in a fune attacking korean villagers 1380_Author Wayne Reynolds

Bo-hiya for arrow shooting, Huolongjing

Japanese Bo-Hiya

Types of Japanese ships

On the other hand, the Japanese are using ships based on Chinese Junkos, which means that they are using the Japanese version of ships they had in the Heian, Kamakura and Ashikaga periods. In the trailer only the arrow ship (1 flag) and Bo-Hiyas’ ship are shown replacing Springald’s ship (2 flags). The Warship is missing (3-4 flags).

The ships from the Sengoku Era of Aoe3 are not present. Maybe they put them in but in the Imperial age as a substitute for the Carraca or Warship, or with some mechanics that we don’t know.

Finally, some images of the Atakabune and the Tekkousen from Aoe3, which we hope some are the Japanese version of Warship:

Atakabune - AoE3:AD - Possible Japanese AoE4 Warship?

Tekkousen - AoE3:AD - Possible Japanese AoE4 Warship?

The 3 magatamas looks more likely to be the Hidari Gomon, or mitsudomoe (a tomoe variant). Though obviously it could go either way, and there are a bunch of interpretations for both that would work for a flag.

Yeah I commented in a couple places that in the video that center ship is shooting arrows broadside. And it’s not the nest of bees emplacement, it’s different and looks much closer to the regular arrow ship animation.

I assumed it must be a new ship.