Boar de-aggros despite being withing line of sight of scout

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.35209.0 4667120
  • Platform Steam


The expected behavior for a boar chasing a scout is that the boar will continue to chase the scout as long as the scout remains within the line-of-sight of Gaia. The observed behavior in about 10 games now is that the boars will often de-aggro when chasing a scout, despite being less than one tile away.

In the last two games where this happened, I went back several times to see whether I could reproduce the behavior. I was able to, and indeed in both cases it appeared as though there was some ‘invisible’ line that the boar would not cross, as it always de-aggro’ed at the same exact spot, regardless of how close the scout was.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Hit a boar once with your scout
  2. Run towards your town center, making sure to keep the scout within the boar’s line of sight.
  3. In about 20% of the time, boar will de-aggro for no reason.

I took the time to make some video’s of this, only be told when trying to upload that new users can’t upload. What a waste of time.

This was part of a hot fix they released. It is meant to be like that now because too many players were complaining about how easy laming had gotten. It was even possible to lame a boar without losing any HP if you were really quick to start running after hitting the boar which meant laming had no downsides. Now it takes 2 hits to lame a boar with scout and only 1 with a vil

This is not fixed. If you read OP’s message carefully, the boar is aggressive and chasing the scout… until he’s not. So it’s not a matter of triggering boar aggression, it’s a matter of sustaining it. I have experienced the same issue, and the same “imaginary line” behaviour when I went to attack the boar again. It’s an easy bug to reproduce by setting a tiny Socotra map explored and attempting to lame the boar 10 times. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the boar give up on pursuit despite being within 3 tiles.

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One thing I have learned is that, with the scout, it doesn’t matter how many times you attack the pig, but it does matter whether the pig gets 2 hits in on your scout. Wait until your scout has taken damage twice (which is a fraction longer than the time to get in 2 hits). Then it will be more likely to stay agro.