Boat healthbar not displaying in some cases

  • Build :Three latest
  • Steam


In various missions, when you select boats, there won’t be any healthbar hovering over them (I use the legacy healthbar)
It’s the case with the galleons you receive for free in the 4th Gajah Mada mission

(At the left there are the galleons I built, they have their healthbar, while the free ones are on the right and have no health bar)
In the fifth Gajah Mada scenario it happens to some Sunda galleons (at random it seems)

In Cyprus the starting navy is affected by the bug as well, while Gaia boats or produced boats aren’t

In the Lepanto scenario some Ottoman boats look affected as well

Reproduction Step:

Play the missions and click on the mentioned boat, with the healtbear set on “Legacy”

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