Boats can still randomly miss their shots and that's frustrating

It’s extra weird because at launch of DE part of the release notes said “Naval units no longer fire at random intervals, and instead fire predictably like other units (overall rate of fire is unchanged); all inaccuracy removed”. For anyone curious, here’s a list of the units that still have inaccuracy and random misses on their shots:

  • War Canoe
  • Canoe
  • Tlaloc Canoe
  • Chaac Canoe
  • Incan Fishing Boat
  • Japanese Fishing Boat

Turns out the Indian Fishing Boat doesn’t miss his shots because he gets a gun rather than the bow of the Inca and Japanese! Probably unintended but very funny, although Hausa and Ethiopian Fishing Canoes (different unit technically) don’t miss and they use bows. Either way, some of these units are really frustrating to use due to random hits (any battle can be “I took more damage than I should have because of misses” or “he only won that because my units missed too many times” rather than “he won that fair and square” or “my own mistakes led my forces to a more costly victory than it should’ve been”) and I think their random accuracy should be removed even if it means reducing their base damage output correspondingly, seeing as removing inaccuracy would be a straight buff otherwise.