Bombard canons removed from games

Can we remvoed the bomabrd cannon or nerf it damage and health its to op lower the range as well. And increase the cost. I am tired of segie in this game. When will u guys nerf seige. Limit how many seige engines u can have is a must

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the pop of bombard cannons and some other siege could be increased from 3 to 5

I rather they get rid of them or nerf them heavily

lol ok let’s get rid of the main counter to Keeps and Walls and sit inside our bases for three hours.

Bombards are perfectly fine balance wise. You are literally the first person I have seen complain about them.


Correction, the first after the heavy nerfs to Bombards last years. But really I can’t believe there are people who still complain about Bombard nowadays

There are plenty of people that come in here and complain about bombards being OP, even when the vast majority find them weak.
They are still kinda on the weaker side after the latest patches, but probably strong enough that they don’t need anymore buffs

Beasty has a video where he explains how broken the bombards are.
Is that enogh proof that they are op?

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Which video? Aside the Ottoman great bombard from his tier list vid I don’t recall any. And the great bombard is just another beast.

U have rams for walls thats all u need for anything wall or building. They definitely need a population increase so people to dont spam them.

Ram spam is also a problem, they cost only 2 pop and in imperial they are extremely efficient. I don’t use cannons to be honest, I just build 15 rams with my infantry and let them destroy the whole base while my army is fighting.

I think the game is balanced around 1v1 normal settings. Ram spam is hard to pull off if your opponent is evenly matched and armies fighting a bunch. You just don’t see it much in that setting as it so wood heavy. As for team games or FFA, ya it will get you if someone been left alone all game.

Aside of bombards, there are trebuchets and rams, and even without siege weapons, infantry is is effective in groups against walls and keeps,

I would say, that walls are too weak, the siege towers are kind of pointless

It can be effective also in 1v1, rus can deliver 10 rams, still lose the fight, but destroy your whole production buildings.