Bombard Castle?

How powerful would a castle (same hit points as a normal castle) that instead of arrows it fires cannonballs? (up to a total of 11 cannonballs like a normal castle. I think it’s 11.) Each cannonball does 120 damage as well like a Bombard Tower. Would it be the most OP defence building ever?

How many normal units would you need to take it down? Like, let’s say champions.

How many units? Answer is depends. If all 11 cannonballs hit the same target, then it just means you can’t really use elephants to take out the castle, because even they will instantly get killed, but you could maybe still overpower a castle if you have enough of them and the castle has no defenders.

If all 11 cannonballs can hit individual targets, then basically any melee attacks on the castle are futile altogether.

I guess either way, the castle would be stupidly strong against regular melee units

That could be a really interesting bonus for a new defensive/gunpowder civ!

Rams would be better. Keeps vs rams are better than bombard tower vs rams since rof is lower. I guess it would be same with castle that shoots cannon balls.

It might be impossible to take down in the castle age.

Solution would be its Imp tech that unlocks cannon balls for castle or chemistry does that.

You just need a well defended one trebuchet

Give that thing teutons and you have a undefeatable civ.

11 this could be a fun imperial tech. How about 1 or 2 arrows become a cannon ball. Reduced damage.

That’s already turks - just build 11 bombard towers around a castle 13 range bbt

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This is what i thought as soon as I saw the title. An amazing bonus creative-wise for a UT (or even a civ bonus)