Bombard Elephant?

Would you like to see elephants with a bombard cannon on their back? Unit has the same stats of hp and armour as the elephant archer, but has 12 range and the damage of a bombard cannon.

Basically the unit is a high hp bombard cannon unit. That can be healed by monks since it’s a cavalry unit.

They could be an untrainable unit, that can only be trained in scenarios, to stop guys whining over how overpowered they are. You need to add a trigger to allow training of Bombard Elephant. Or spawn them with create unit in order to have them in game.

Basically this unit from AOE 3.

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Yes. Elephants make me happy. Specially when they don’t have a rider like the ballista or the war elephants

Seems to be pretty OP to me. Bombard cannons are already pretty strong. Therefore they are slow and have not that much HP. This seems a big buff to the bombard cannon.

It might be some hero unit for a certain civ. But that is all to me for this unit.

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This unit has like 14 pop IIRC.

If we don’t consider that and have it as scenario only

Why not.

But I feel like re-using ideas might not be great

Just said scenario only unit. You can edit the stats of units in scenarios if needed. Or make fancy triggers or whatever.

It would be appropriate as hero or cheat code unit :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it is an awesome cheat unit to fill a event mission.

If it’s a cheat unit then we obviously need a trebuchet elephant, it would be way funnier to have

Oh, boy the fun we can have with that unit

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Better a trebuchet firing elephants


Actually this sounds more like a cheat unit.

A treb shooting FU EWE

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Actually someone made a mod around DE’s release that did just that lmao

I made it. I also made it for AOE 2 2013 version (in steam workshop). Elephant Trebuchet mod.


I wasn’t expecting an answer from the mod creator the next minute I posted that 11

That’s honestly great



Here’s an even more insane one. Mumakil trebuchet. For AOE 2 2013.

A true doomsday weapion.


There’s a mod for trebuchets that fire Elite Battle Elephants

I don’t think this is a good idea. The sound would scare the elephant, and the constant explosions would give them CTE.