Bombard Elephants

Would you like to see elephants with a bombard cannon on their back? A tanky elephant unit that fires cannon balls and can fight in melee as well. If too OP for normal gameplay, just make it a scenario only unit where it can be trained there with use of triggers.

Would look something like this below. From medieval 2 total war.

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ideally those would be beyond 1500.


Cannons on Elephants never really worked in real life. Elephants didn’t like it.

You have Bombard Elephants in AoE3 but I think they would be too modern for AoE4.
AoE4 is only depicting the very early gunpowder usage.


Don’t take other games and Empire 4, can you compare? The other games are too bad

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Yeah, as Skadidesu was saying, I think it would be to far in the future as China had just discovered the use of gunpowder at the time. I dont think it had been turned into a massive war tool yet.

swevel guns were used on elephants

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But that did never work as well as the hoped so they mostly used camels. So called Zamburak. (the ones in AoE3 are also wrong, they had to sit down to fire).

In the Delhi Sultanate gameplay trailer there was an Elephant unit with a tower where you could up to two (three?) units on top
If the Sultanate has Powder Units (not sure if I’ve seen that in the trailer) you can just combine it and have something similar

Swivel guns were definitely mounted on the back of an elephant and has already been documented centuries ago. I’m not really sure why people think it’s a matter of debate at this point.

Their media depiction do appear more common in South-East Asia like Siam (present-day Thailand) or Burma though; although I’m not opposed to the idea that the Mughal Empire and other places don’t have similar equivalent.


The UU that siamese needs for aoe 2

i dont know if that ever really worked i mean bombard elephants. At that time when every1 had gunpowder whats the point putting that thing on the back of elephant. Enemy probably also had this tech so they can blow up elephant easily anyway.
Its like in 21st century putting a dude with AK-47 on the back of elephant. Would it work. I dont think so

Strategically, they’re mobile platform and meant to be used during siege to knock down walls and other encampment; but obviously not when they’re facing against cannons behind walls. Also, since the swivel guns often have further range than a regular musket during this time period, the elephants were distanced away from being easily targeted on the battlefield, while the crew are able to harass any foot soldiers on the opposing sides.

Historically, most of the regular soldiers during the whole Siamese-Burmese war were still fighting with traditional sword and shield, with some arquebus being thrown into the mix. Cannons were definitely around due to the trade with the Portuguese and European mercenary, but because of their size, they often need to be relocated using elephants and as such their roles were usually allocated to primary in siege warfare. But as I’ve stated earlier, most people back then weren’t as suicidal, and due to the cost of maintaining and training an elephant, they’re only strategically used during favorable outcomes.


yea im not for or against bombard elephantos, so what happens happens. But it would probably be a fun unit to use in a game