Bombard / Trebuchet costs

What about rise the cost up to 5000 gold and 3000 wood to prevent artillery zergs. Maybe as option in the gamesettings:

“normal artillery costs”
“high artillery costs”
“insane expencive artillery”

So we can choose our gamestyle. It is anoying to face a pack of 10 bombards/Trebs, oneshoting EVERY building.
This opttion will also add more spice to the late game, when resources are depleted on the map.
Please consider, that there are not only highspeed micro rusher out there. A quite few of us enjoing the building and inense fight for the resources with human friends.

So please add this costs-option for artillery.
Thanks in advance


Gets remarkably complicated when you realise that to gain such customisation you’d soon desire it for cavalry/infantry/ranged.

That being said, the lack of options to design your match is sorely lacking at this stage.
Selecting a “no gunpowder” option may work for you, as a traditional “no superweapon” option did years past.

Me, I’d be happy with choosing my own colour!

I agree on make at least bombard way WAY extremely expensive.
And trebs and mangoneld maybe a little more expensive

For me I would erase bombard from the game. Or nerf their damage and make them less tanky

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Trebs are fine. Trebs can’t kill units, and they aren’t as effective as bombards against defenses and buildings either. Their range is also a fun mechanic. The more trebs you build, the more you risk losing the battle and having them mopped up along with the rest of your army, because your opponent isn’t building units that can’t fight, he needs to win that fight… Or he at least needs to snipe your trebs.

With the springald antisiege buff, trebs will be more difficult to keep alive as well. Trebs are rare because bombards exist. You only see trebs when their range is absolutely required or bombards aren’t available yet.

Trebs can knock down buildings.
Bombards can knock down buildings, snipe artillery (including their counters), and can snipe units.

While I agree that we need more customization options in terms of changing our custom games, I also worry that if they start to implement these kind of changes then it won’t be long before someone else want to see a similar change to other units as well.

The developers has a vision on how things should play out and balance them accordingly so that a unit cannot dominate in the same way springals do currently. I’m more down this path to let them properly balance them instead of restricting and removing units that’s a part of the core gameplay as a solution.

I agree that the developers need to take a look at all of the siege units as they are easy to dominate the late game but limiting to x amount of units per player or completely removing the option to play with those units then other issues will come forward and other crazier demands.

We need at the same time learn how to counter each unit and not let the opponent gather an army of seiges as they cost a lot to make.

I think a lot of these suggestions come from people playing those absurd turtle team games.

Everyone walls up, booms, gets to imp, and then builds a dream army before they attack each other.
By that time everyone can afford to mass anything they want.

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Well, there are civs that show their potencial after reach imperial and research several (or a lot) imperial tech.
And a couple have bonus to wals, keeps or defending on walls.

But most games end before imperial or just a few after reach imperial…
And better not talk about how weak walls are and how op siege is

If devs want fast games focused on early rush or mass of Siege in Castle… Why troll the players giving the civs I mentioned?
Why make walls with the option of place soldiers when siege erase the wall really fast? Or using mangonels to erase the wall archers.

And siege is also tanky, omg. And they not kill allies. On Age 2 the onagres kill your units… Now the mangonels can shot each others if enemies reach melee and kill them all and not a single siege dies

They need to nerf bombards or remove them from the game were not laying world of tanks. make walls more tough buff them a good people can u use seige towers more.seige is way to annoying in this game is running the game.

I would like that trebs nd rams were the main way to break keeps and walls. And siege towers the way to reach archers on wall. May even force have some maa in walls

Trebs reach from far, but are not so tanky and need time to destroy the buildings. Think they are balanced.

Bombards destroy the fun. And make defenses obsolete.