Bombards should do splash damage

when i hit age 4 i like spamming bombards instead of mangonels idk is more realistic like to high medieval era/late 1400s. can u guys pls add that change ?? also, artillery should be able to walk up on stone walls. like every artillery piece in a siege, would be on the walls zzz…

find it hard coming from aoe3 where cannons deal splash damage accordingly and can shoot thru walls

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Bombards are basically the equivalent to Mortars and not Falconets, while Culverins have the same role in both games.

Having a powerful field gun unit like in AoE3 would make AoE4 feel a lot less like a Medieval game. Gunpowder units are only supposed to be a lategame addition and not a core part of the unit composition for most civilisations.

No siege on walls is purely a balance thing. It would make defence too strong.
In real life sieges were mostly about starving out the enemy, not braking though a well defended wall.
You can’t really starve out the enemy in AoE4 so defence must be breakable.

Anyway if you like gunpowder play AoE3, if you like knights play AoE4.

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The game lacks interesting and fun siege. Everything is overly specialized and boring.

This is why the game is just a spamfest of knights, archers and spearman.

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Still better than season 0 AOE4 where you’d play a team game and China would go pure mangonels and bombards. Or Abbasids/Mongols in a 1v1 would go 10 springalds and they would just melt armies made of knights

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You lack creativity if you imagine that there is no inbetween having useless Siege and having overpowered Siege.

Don’t let mistakes hold back good things.

Should probably be only a thing for french canons which are supposed to be used field artillery on the contray to bombards who were set up to shoot at fortifications. Well it already there to be fair, you just need a landmark and wait 240 sec between every “special shot” with your canon… yeah this one would sit pretty high on a gimmick tier list.

As for other bombards the rus one can reliably one shot most infantry but it’s not a splash and I guess the great bombard kinda has to do something extra due to its very high cost.

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The game is too “clean” like it was made for eSports… ups

The detail is that the mangonels precisely serve to fulfill the role of Splash damage and anti-archers. Personally, I think springald should also have anti-rank bonus, not only anti-siege and anti-ship.

But in the case of bombards, they are already the most powerful anti-building weapon in the game, if they added area damage they would be very broken, because their base attack is very high. In Aoe3 this was solved by siege weapons having modifiers that caused them to do more damage to infantry, but less damage to cavalry, as well as a much higher population cost than in Aoe4.

On the other hand, it’s not that the developers haven’t thought about that, since certain bombards do area damage: The Ottoman Grand Bombard and the French Cannon with the Artillery School Landmark ability.

Also, I think it would also be solved if there was an icon or information about the “Splash damage area” of the units, which does not exist until now.

  • One has to guess what the damage area of the landsknecht or the catapult is for himself/herself. In fact, until recently I believed that even stone throwers lacked area damage (I thought it was a peculiarity of the English), and it turns out that they do, it’s just small and imprecise.

  • Just as there is a description of the weapon, attack, attack speed, and unit bonuses, there should also be information in the UI about the Splash Damage Area.