Bonus idea: Refund for civilian units slain

When you get raided by an enemy, not only your economy gets disrupted, food is also lost for each villager slain.

How about a theoretical civ bonus or team bonus that grants 50% resources back for each villager, fishing ship, or trade unit destroyed, like 25% or 50%?


And this would be given to what civ?

I think only as a Civ bonus. TB too strong.

25% refund, but maybe no stone walls

On something like an aggressive civ, that is more resilient to counter raiding.

A loss of a vil is worth far more than the 50f to replace it though, that’s why I think it could be ok with the right civ

There would be the issue of deleting once own villagers to get the free food.

that sounds like a desparation move. deleting a villager and recreating it costs you 50 res + however much it would gather in the 25 sec it takes to recreate it. if you delete 3 villagers it costs you 150 res + (25sec + 50sec + 75sec) of gather time, etc

think about it this way: how often do you see players idling TC to save food, it’s rare, right? sometime you idle for a few seconds to get up to the next age or some important tech like fletching. I don’t think deleting vils would ever be worth it

in the end this is the kind of bonus that does nothing when you play well, and makes you lose less when you are losing. it probably wouldnt make a civ top tier on most maps (maybe strong on socotra?)