Booming vs Rushing on a closed map?

Can rushing be a bad idea sometimes on a closed map? I’ve seen players get destroyed by trying to rush on such maps.

I seen that happen quite a few games. Yeah, it’s pretty low elo, like 1000 or so. Where a player tries to rush in a 4v4 black forest and it fails miserably. First a wave of scouts come trying to scratch down my thick walls. I make walls even thicker and make a tower, garrison tower with 5 villagers. The scouts start dying and runs away. Tries to attack in castle age with rams, meet my defensive catapults behind my walls.

All the while this is happening, I have some 100% unflankable allies booming like crazy. Ally comes with my aid with 50 plus paladins, and GG. Their enemy’s economy is way behind since they’re being way too aggressive on a ridiculously good defensive map. I am fully boomed, tons of trade carts, about 100 or so villagers. I spam also paladins, roll over the overly aggressive player.

In another game, they do manage to rush one of my allies. Everyone joins in on the rush. My ally flees to safety one to my own ally. Ally makes wall to hold back the enemy at a very tight space. The same thing happens again, they didn’t boom properly, get flooded with paladins and GG. Their rush sets the enemy’s economy back.

If there was only one rusher I think their team should boom as good as your team? Scout is so late in Black forest tho, I usually do sneaky vills instead. Grouping your 4 scouts against one poor guy works as well.

Here’s an example of a very good defence. He tried to scout rush this.

thats not very good defense its just a bad attack. of course that sets him behind. BUT in case its successful he can easily set you and your allies behind while his teammates outboom you.

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Black Forest is a cancer game mode and you should never play it. It’s situationally possible to rush on Arena though. Talking mostly 1v1s here.

4v4 is a game mode that the game is not balanced for anyway, for example in case of Black Forest, civs that can boom and have Siege Onager are massively ahead.

The mode Black Forest revolving around 2 units (BBC and SO) with occasionally a few UU is NOT fun gameplay or strategic, it’s as low micro and civ win-based as it gets.