Boosting attack vs boosting ROF

So it has been a trend of experimentation in DE with changing the rof of units instead of applying % base attack increase ( iron troops, all the new natives and mercs, italian goons, carbine cavalry, lakota teepee change) and so on and while some have been arguably successful and some arguably less so, there is a few interesting thing I have noticed about this compared this compared to the only comparable buff before this, which was the Golden Pavilion wonder buff, which worked on existing stats.

1 - while both are effectively the same DPS increase, since it doesnt affect the first attack for range units ( ie the instant fire), it doesnt lead to as much of an instant snowball as say ashigaru with like 80 atk

2- for melee units I think its even more of a DPS increase, especially in mass fights as the units are spending less time resetting their animation and choosing their targets. (similar to how Japan unique bonus is aoe 2 seems to work)

3- it really changes how the units should be microed since for a lot of unit there are little animations that still has to be completed even if the rof is complete

that is all to say…maybe we can change the Golden pavillion wonder bonus to increase ROF instead of buffing from base atk?

Faster rate of fire is better then attack bonus as lower hp units will be killed off faster and you wont have as much damage overflow. So it is a buff essenttially, not that big of one but Japanese do simply not need buffs of any kind.


It’s also better than a normal upgrade because it increases the current stats, not the base stats.

No more RoF bonus, It used to be for civs that lack artillery as aztecs, if every civ have it, then there is no option for civs like aztecs.

w8 where does aztec have rof bonus?

All 3 aztec range units have 1.5 rate of fire instead of 3 at range to compensate the lack of canons. Its not an archer thing as yumis and jungle ones have RoF 3

thats just more of a unit design thing and all cav archers have 1.5 ROF so the ERK is still in step with that.

also its interesting to note that aztec was designed before both of the counter examples so it might not a case of compensation.

and for the thread I am talking about effects that boost ROF, not just having a different ROF

boosted rof lets you snowball harder, because the ashi and yumi would return fire faster than an opponents muskets and skirms. Same thing happened with caroleans before they got nerfed, but the rof scaling is a huge advantage. dmg buff is big too, but an ashi firing 2 shots before an enemy musket (or worse, skirms) means more free kills and every unit killed in that second volley wont return fire (obviously), thus dropping the returned fire. Big snowballs

if you are at all familiar with modding, edit ashi to have 2.5 rof and throw em in the editor vs muskets and see how hard they snowball from that little change

I agree it will snowball but is it a harder snowball compared to say the old golden pavilion where it was attack boost based upon current atk?

cause my thinking was that the snowball would happen slower since it doesn’t affect the first volley of fire which will always be instant meaning the opponent will atleast get their first fire off as well.

I guess where the HP cut off is would be an important factor in this

dmg only does any change in snowball if it affects a clear breakpoint, rof would be a snowball no matter what