Both Opponents Walled into the same Base? It is possible!

Drill time makes the impossible possible

Why are you posting this? If anyone actually wanted to watch something on that channel, they could find it themselves.

Thought it was interesting… never seen that done before have you?

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Why didn’t the opponent create a base somewhere less predictable? Hideout is basically an open map, those palisades provide no protection, especially against douches lol

And those are the biggest boars i’ve ever seen XD

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my man, whats with the elitist gate keeping? people share this stuff all the time on reddit, why cant they suddenly do it here?

i hate pooplord, but it doesnt mean someone isnt allowed to share his stuff here…

im wondering if the guy was drunk or just a bad day, there were a few very bad choices for that elo, especially since douching is so well known by now.


Why do you hate Pooplord? xD

Yeah it’s 2k TG. He basically ruined his teammate by moving into his base lol but he handled the douche so badly that the game was lost anyway, his teammate is also squeezed in his base.

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Why do you hate Poop lord?

Did he TC drop you? Lame your boar? Steal your sheep? Or Worse?

In my opinion he is a unique character that enjoys the game in his own way. Personally I dig people who are themselves even if thats a bit rude. In this politicly correct landscape I find poop lord a refreshing perspective on AOE2. Just enjoy the game regardless of Elo and meta.

Purely the name. It’s just a stupid name to pick for yourself, so I don’t really have any respect.


Think thats the point right he has a stupid name cause he does stupid strategies.

What would you call yourself in his situation? Odd strategisto!

Just seems a bit shallow to judge a book by its cover like that but you do you TheConqueror753.

Also, I’m a fan of Ornlu, SotL, and T90, so I don’t need anyone else to watch.

Anything is better than what he has, and yes, I know it’s kind of shallow, but I don’t really care.

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You do you man :slight_smile:

Doesn’t bother me at all. You can be as shallow or openminded as you want.

You like what you like and I like what I like.

Happy you enjoy AOE2! it should be enjoyable to all! and maybe we can agree on that?

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cause this isn’t reddit. it’s a forum for discussion of aoe, not (self-)promotion of youtube channels


thats fair. I think thats a logical response.