Bow is too weak

Isn’t it funny that bows are so weakened that even regular infantry can’t beat them?
You can’t beat infantry because the AI ​​is incompetent and only aims separately.
The old combat AI was smarter.
Why did you weaken the bow so much?

What? I suspect there’s a language barrier here, because it’s not easy to understand. I’ll do my best though.

I’ll assume you meant infantry can beat them. And I’ll assume by bows you mean Archers/Crossbows, in their respective ages, against appropriate levels Militia line upgrades. Archers and Crossbows can totally wreck the Militia line, with roughly equal numbers, you just have to micro them.

I assume here that you mean when you go to fight, rather than the enemy AI. Sounds like your problem is that you’re not focus firing. Get your archers to fire on a single target manually, then move them out of enemy range, and repeat, until you kill off all the enemies.

Not at all. I suspect it’s just how you remember things.

They didn’t. They increased the upgrade costs to Crossbow and Arbalester a while back, but they haven’t nerfed it. It just sounds like you don’t really understand how to use archers properly.


I’m not sure but I think he might be saying ai is weak with archers because they don’t target fire