Brightness in the new textures of AoE II DE

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I have been rewatching the gameplay of Age of Empires II Definitive Edition and I am sure that the amount of Gamma applied to all the textures is excessive.
Are this the final textures? or are they going to be reviewed before the release?


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Bloom and anti-aliasing can be changed in AOE 1 DE and so can probably be changed in AOE 2 DE Age of Empires 2: DE Spreadsheet with an extended version of the Q&A

Cysion confirms that shaders can be toggled off, so can alter look of graphics if those do not suit

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I agree it’s very colorful indeed, it also makes it beautiful and more expressive. This is mostly in consensus with community input and wishes for a brighter AOE environment. But they could add a gamma correction option and night mode (blue light filter). So I like your comment.

Maybe they played it on some brand new OLED screen. Who knows?

Kidding of course. :wink:

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Many people complaint about AoE DE 1 being too dark compared to Classic.

Now AoE DE 2 is too colorful compared to Classic :smiley:

My thought would be, just respect Classic in both cases.

All screens have different color temperatures. Also if a screen is IPS (TN/VA/PLS/OLED) and with matte or glossy finish does make a lot of difference and the default configures color temperature (Kelvin value). For people who can’t find those buttons and settings on their panels or screens some gamma correction option in settings would be welcome. Don’t forget laptop screens most time don’t offer these correction options, only brightness control. For this reason it could be done by software. Gamma correction in games is also as old as the way to Rome btw.

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I know you can correct the amount of Gamma to a certain point, but the problem is the overexposition that this creates on the image. Indeed you darken your screen, the image will continue to have the same issues.

you can just disable the shader and you should be good to go. It might also be possible to change the shader itself depending on how it was implemented