Bring back Khmer Bombard Cannons

I don’t care if they were overpowered or not, I miss my Khmer Bombard Cannons.

Just play another civ if you want BBC. Khmer are pretty balanced now, and if they got BBC back, they might be nerfed a lot worse to counteract it, especially if it makes them less enjoyable to play for most people.


Apart from my general no to that just imagine ballista elephant bbc comp now 11 After the latest buff ballista elephants are pretty broken already (they melt any unit even with high pierce armor and hp, paladins for instance die like flies) so if you let khmer get there your only chance is halb SO but if khmer get bbc there is literally nothing you can do.


they could try slowing the age up each age and give them back BBC, given how special their civ is with building requirements

Khmer imperial age has:

  • 21 attack Elite Battle elephant that moves 10% faster.
  • 9 range heavy scorpions with extra projectile. (plus overall usable siege with onager and siege ram).
  • Fully upgraded Hussar and Cavalier.
  • Usable Arbalests without Thumb Ring.
  • Insane Farm economy.
  • Ballista elephants better than before

And all that has a clear counterplay on closed maps, halb + onager or bombard cannon, Khmer with Bombard Cannon meant no civ with a chance to beat such options on closed maps, aka Khmer broken.


yea sounds pretty op. so to make it not broken. how much of a delay on age up would be required while not ruin the civ

Delaying age ups is just a good way to make the civ mediocre on any map, and feels soo unnatural.

yea it is. seems counter intuitive to have no building requirements to speed up age up then to slow it down again. prob not the best idea