Bring back masteries to custom game modes

Dear Relic,
There were lots of great new changes listed in the patch notes that have me looking forward to Season 2. Colour picker and map selection are awesome, and rebalancing always makes things interesting!
But, I was sad to see the following paragraph in the patch notes:
“Players can no longer complete masteries in matches that use custom game modes, custom maps, or tuning packs.”

When I play AoE4, I primarily play the Nomad game mode. It has been a ton of fun to play Nomad with friends, and have a mastery as a personal “side-quest” to work on. If players wanted to “fast-track” their masteries with certain tuning packs, they have had plenty of time to do so. You don’t even need to use custom game modes to fast-track masteries, people can just use the skirmish settings. To achieve any Test of Strength Mastery you can set up a skirmish game, starting resources to max, starting age to Imperial, and bombard rush to snipe the single TC landmark in under 5 minutes.

Taking away the ability to achieve masteries in custom game modes will not prevent people from fast-tracking their masteries. It just prevents custom game players from being able to have fun completing quests in their favourite modes.

I am excited to try out the new patch and balance changes, please give masteries back to custom game modes.

A Disappointed Nomad