Bring back Sacred Sites to Black Forest or remove it from the map pool

Why do devs keep undermining their own design by those weird changes? Sacred Sites are an essential part of the game, and by removing sacred sites from the map you made the dull black forest matches even more exhaustingly boring.


I dont like the change too. Its now a worldwonder map if u have still the space left or extrem lategame. I liked that u could rush to the sacred sites and can fortify it to force the enemy to act or even counter a enemy wonder.

Its very one dimensional now und not very tactical imo but everyone loves diffrent things.

Give us pls the option to choose what maps we wanna play


Were Sacred Sites in the Black Forest map during beta? I agree they should be there!

its to deter illegal rushing.

Yep blackforest is terrible without them, they were the perfect contour to wonder victories. If anything they should have removed wonders from the map.


black forest is the new alt f4 map.
Wounder too powerfull any counter possible. add sacred site is obvious.

People complaining that opponents build wonders 24/7 on blackforest ???

Have you even ever considered doing basic ram rushes on BF ?
As if palisade walls could stop you. And since your opponent expects you to boom anyways just wait until you got like 3 rams with a decent amount of archers and spears and end the game instantly.

Yea I agree not sure why they remove them. Because it just turns into a wonder map only no way to counter.its just a wonder race whoever is faster with the most defense wins.

Yea I agree not sure why they remove them. Because it just turns into a wonder map only.i rather them remove wonder victory from that map instead.

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