Bring back tower meta!

I have no idea why the devs hate tower rushing so much. I’m probably in the minority here, but I think it’s fun to watch, fun to carry out, and fun to stop. I feel like the game was a lot more interesting in early stages whenever tower rushing was meta. Now that it’s been nerfed to oblivion, games are much more standardized and a lot less interesting.

I guess one of my main concerns is that whenever the inevitable Caucasus DLC arrives, the Georgians wouldn’t have a big focus on towers despite that being one of their big distinctions IRL, simply because the devs don’t like tower play for some reason.


I think towers are in a good place. You don’t have to commit to a full tower rush, but you can still be annoying with a few forward towers on a gold or a woodline to support man at arms. Some players still do this quite effectively like Daniel, Vivi, Lyx, Rubenstock etc.

The pure tower rush pre-nerf was a low skill cheese strat. I prefer the game to reward skillful micro and macro decision making, not dumbed down easy cheese strats with messy villager fights etc.


Hard to say what the devs themselves hate - most likely in this case that they were just responding to the playerbase. I’m with you in thinking that it was overly singled out and nerfed relative to any other kind of rush or strategy - one of those cases where they nerfed both the civs with strong tower bonuses, and generic towers themselves, which created a mild cumulative overnerf. But some situations were definitely too oppressive, like pre-nerf Poles, Incas, or Koreans.

As much as I tend to agree with a lot of the community members who don’t want more aura mechanics, I think one of their best use cases is for actual defensive bonuses - e.g. towers that get some kind of buff from proximity to your (probably starting) TC such that you have no benefit that lends itself towards tower rushing.


How did you know that is inevitable? Did devs drop any hint or something?

The Caucasus is consistently topping the polls here asking what people want. It’s also been a popular request ever since DE arrived. If Dawn of the Dukes is anything to go by, it’s inevitable.

Nothing is inevitable. You don’t know devs or their moves.

You’re completely missing the point.

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A high level game from yesterday where Hera used a lot of towers. They were effective because he didn’t just do towers, he was backing them up with military, which I think is the way towers should be used, as well as defensively in your own base.

You shouldn’t be able to just make only forward towers with zero military and easily win the game. That’s why they got nerfed. It gave too much advantage to the attacker, with relatively little skill involved.


Okay. What is the point?

My point is that I want towers to be more meta, especially if a civ like the Georgians is going to be added that needs to have a tower specialty to be logical.