Bring Euro Revolts More In Line With Mexican Counterparts

Euro revolts give only a few key cards for their strategy while Mexican revolts replace your deck with a new fully kitted deck. All revolutions should come with standard cards like generic unit shipments, resource crates (which do not need to be gathered similar to Baja California), combat cards, resource trickles, military wagons, and also an option to upgrade units to imperial stats for a high price similar to the age IV Mexican revolts. The more generic cards could be placed in the lower spaces of the deck with the essential military power and economy rebuilding cards on top so they’re easier to single out when choosing cards. I think it would really help euro revolts to be a bit more viable and less gimmicky across the board and give a more consistent and well-rounded feel to the revolt system.


Estoy completamente de acuerdo con que las revoluciones necesitan mas cartas.

Yo prefiero poder personalizar las barajas pero tu idea seria un buen punto de partida. :smile: