Bring Victory and Defeat Screen from Console to PC

I was watching the Behind the Scenes of Making Age of Empires IV on Xbox and a few things stood out to me, even though playing on PC is my preference. First, I heard that there were learnings from developing the game on console that will make their way to PC. Second, bow chica wow wow, this glorious end game screen. A more vibrant color palette, more contrast, and it has depth.

Please bring this over to PC. It adds so much more personality to the game over the current victory screen.


Not to mention, that the fcking text IS STILL NOT CENTERED
That’s nuts , and needs a trigger warning before you play the game.


Ha. I was going to reply and mention centering but didn’t to avoid breaking a forum rule about bumping.

I have felt the same way about the unit icons for the longest time. They are very plain and challenging to tell apart from one another because you have to go by shape of the icon alone. It works in Stratego with 8 unit types but with dozens of unit types and counting not so much.

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