Bringing back the Arambai to life

Although Arambai got a buff somehow in the last patchs but it is not enough.

Arambai is so slow for a mobile unit type, bad attack and low accuracy and also so expensive. Burmese were really fun to play when they got their Arambai and now honestly you feel making Arambai is really not worthy and the civ is boring.

IMO, at least Arambai speed should be 1.35 or 1.4 instead of 1.3 and aslo should be cheaper than it’s current cost because 75W, 60G is really expensive.


Arambai is a win more and imperial age unit (like mangudai) that deletes everything once you have the elite upgrade and enough numbers.

Heres a game i played 2 days ago where arambai deleted mass paladins and camel archers

Lost that one since allies lost their side but arambai were the best unit in that game check kill count in captureage

are you sure for 20 char

I think arabai has design problem. They need to come close to deal some damage but they dont have a defensive ability and cost a alot so many times it is not worth to use. I think decreasing delay time of arambai attack can help them to hit and run so, they can have time to escape from attacks.


-5 wood cost could be and option

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They certainly spikes in Castle age, but with Parithian tactics I think they are decent in imp

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