British Boom

Any good tips on booming with the British?


Most Vills on Wood, get Virginia Company as first or second card, and build all your Manor Houses.


When you want to boom with the British, what you want to do is go trade post in age 1 and then chop 35 wood for a house, British trade post start is much better than one might expect, the average civ needs to chop 100 wood for their house and trade post in age 1, brits only have to chop 35, that’s why if you plan to play long term trade post is always the way to go as brit, your first card will be 3 villagers like always, but because your shipments will come in faster you can ship a second age 1 shipment, this shipment will be Virginia company, this will make your manor houses 87 wood rather than 135, allowing you to boom much more efficiently.

You usually want to ship 700 wood as your third shipment ( first age 2 shipment), 700 wood is very strong with Virginia company because it’s like a 7 villager shipment, your next shipment will probably be 600 wood to build even more manors, if you macro properly you should be able to get 20 manors up relatively early.

from there you can produce units from two barracks and one stable to play a prolonged age 2 game, the other option for you would be to try to hit age 3 eventually when you have enough units to defend yourself, massing musks and falcs with hussar is a very solid unit composition and so most of the time that’s what you want to do, the other option is longbow goon, but this is very situational and almost never a good idea unless against Dutch where it can be okay to do this.

British can boom very effectively but I still would recommend playing standard brit with aggressive musk Huss if you need too, going aggressive with brit is very rewarding since brit tend to run out of hunts in base quite fast, either build is very solid.


Best guide out there 🎓🤑 Strategy Guide | Diarouga's 20 Manor Boom Tutorial - YouTube for booming with VC Company card

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