British Cottage concept art

@SirBarnzy1 has mentioned the idea a few times of the British Manor house getting a custom skin and being renamed to “Cottage” to help make it stand out and give it an identity.

I thought this was a great idea and I had my base image layers from my Australian architecture concept (Australia - #8 by TheSquidEmpire) ready to go, so I thought it would be fun to do a concept for the British Cottage!

The second row version includes some gardens. I wondered if the building gets a custom model maybe one way to do some balancing on the free settler thing would be to make the footprint of the building a bit bigger. It would be fun to have gardens surrounding the buildings to do this!

However in my opinion adding gardens around the building will probably make it look weird on many maps. E.g. deserts, snow, tropical islands, so I think it might not be the best option.

Let me know what you think!


Fantastic! They look very British and I’m impressed with how much detail you applied while keeping to the small footprint of the house.

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Simplistic yet very nicely detailed. This would perfectly fit in the game. Nice job!

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Beautiful building model! I think the Home City card “Terraced Houses” could turn the Cottage into a Terraced House - then the buildings would have a Victorian look.

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They look fantastic! Cottages are the way forward over Manor houses.

I love all the stages, especially the first one and it’s thatched roof and the progression of roofs later on.

I think the only way of getting away with gardens is to have a little wall (wicker fence, followed by Drystone wall and then brick) with foliage behind it, though it would certainly be a squeeze.

A compromise could be a traditional brick well right by it as a feature.

The only ‘criticism’ ( and I use that term reallllly loosely as it all looks great) is the final stage could do with being a traditional brick - either grey, red brick or sandstone brick (can still have lighter corner stones) to look more British as later cottages were often non-rendered brickwork.

Ind/Imp examples:


I’d love the Terraces Houses shipment to further change them to Victorian townhouses, but for the common house, Cottages are much better! :blush:

Also Terraces houses are a weird one as they should be a long row (terrace) however in AoE terms they would still be singular houses. If there was ever a chance of the Terraced Houses card changing the look of a British house again (surely, essentially a Royal Guard skin for a building? :laughing:) I’d love for them to look like the below:


here’s some stone age IV versions and versions with team colours

I do love the idea of the terrace house design after the card is sent, it would probably look strange if players rotated houses around so they weren’t all facing the same way though lol


Cool!! But 3rd lvl would be problematic being larger than the other 2