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A little more than 6 months ago the British received changes, especially in their deck, They added this card and the other one was brutally nerfed, I really don’t see any use at 2 currently,

compañia de virginia

Virginia company: now the manor houses cost you (90) wood, before with the letter it cost (87) and the experience for building it was nerfed, the experience for building it is lowered from 27 to 18, the letter used to be very occasional depending on of the match, although team games used to be seen much more frequently anyway, the card was not really broken, most of the time people preferred to send each other 700 wood, there were only very good players who could end the house boom Before minute 7, I think because of that opening, the good players decided to make a nerf to the letter.

Currently I see this card as an ornament in the deck of pro players, not only because the card has been nerfed but also because the British, having - 100 food, make it difficult for them to start with TP, since going to cut down wood will delay creating the third Villager,

the second letter
“Greenwich Time” At its launch it was very controversial, they said that it was going to be broken, nothing could be further from reality, it became a card that almost nobody used, the card already has an error that has not yet been fixed, it is that the TP cart has almost no vision, I have seen Aizmack (professional player) tried openings with that card getting many losses with little success,

I would like to ask if there is a viable strategy with that card?? I’ve seen Logista or church rush but it doesn’t seem better to me than playing standard, it’s very difficult for that to turn out well, in addition to how risky it is that it could backfire, as a suggestion I think the card would be more useful if the shipment gave you a box of (100 experience) to compensate for the little short-term benefit that the letter gives you.

I want to clarify that I don’t think the British are a weak civ, I just want it to be returned to the variety that it could be in the past before the changes with the opening with TP

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As they told me by friend you are doing this thread for 3 difference resources.
Stopping joking I would tell you yes, certain maps the VC is still decent but on average on others useless or almost not very useful. The “new card” I would say you can also trash, it is not what a Brit needed.

VC ya no tiene sentido usarla, es mejor 700 de madera, a lo mejor si subieran la xp igual se podria usar de vez en cuando o volver a 87 y dejar la xp nerfeada, pero los dos nerfeos han destruido el uso de la carta, yo uso principalmente britanicos y he eliminado VC hasta de los juegos de 3v3

I think it still has some use, while you will get less xp you’ll still get all your houses built faster and have all your free villagers out and gathering resources faster.

There is just not enough space for GMT. “3 vil - 700 w” is so smooth and I cannot see the point of putting anything else between them. If I have to I’d rather send VC, or 5 vil.
It pays off too slow in the early game and not worth the cost if I send it later.
The purpose of this card seems to be an FF option, but British typically do not need to FF. So maybe give it a little bigger bonus (additional xp from trade routes, or greater time reduction).
The calendar ceremony for Aztecs functions similarly but seems to work better.

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Eso vale para no rush de 10 min al menos, pero no vale para partidas normales, conseguirias el mismo resultado con 700 de madera en lugar de VC y ya verias si usar los 700 de madera para casas y unidades o eco y unidades o simplemente eco, tengo partidas en las que uno usa VC y el otro 700 de madera y los dos solo haciendo economia y resulta que la economia es igual para los dos pero con 700 madera, creas unidades antes…eso quiere decir que es mejor 700 madera que carta VC. VC solo vale en no rush a partir de 10 min