British & Dutch Imperial Pikeman

I would love to see the British and Dutch pikeman get imperial upgrades.

It doesn’t make sense for either of them though.


Realistically, there is not much of an argument for Pikes to be given the Guard and Imperial upgrades to the British or Dutch as they both already have strong late game, anti-cavalry units.

The only way in which I believe you could justify bringing back these upgrades, is to also decrease the train time of pikemen in the late ages. This would allow them to be used in last-ditch defences or as cheap siege units when you need to keep up pressure on an offensive.

Either way, I still don’t believe that you’ll be seeing them used much in treaty games.

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the Dutch are oddly enough famous for being some of the first to drop the pike.

also pikemen are really bad, you dont wanna use them lategame even as spain or sweden.


The British had Papal Guard but it was cut because there was no space to add more politicians.

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It also doesn’t make any sense for a Protestant country to have the Papal Guard.


I see no need. Also neither were famous for pikes and in fact I’d make the early Dutch skirmishers ‘Calivermen’ just to further focus on their quick adoption of arquebusiers/muskets and volley fire over big blocks of pikes.

I’d suggest Billmen as a unique Halberdier(-lite) as they used them extensively with Longbowmen but again, in game the Brits have existed quite happily without Halbs.


British never had Papal Guard, They historically protestant just like the Dutch.

In the game they did have Guard/imperial pikemen from the launch of DE until the anniversary update (same update where Italians lost guard pikemen by default)…

But even though Brits could get Guard/imperial pikemen they weren’t particularly good Pikemen, because they lack upgrade cards for them. Making them the worst of all pikemen.

I’m all for bringing them back though
Sometimes you just need a hand infantry because musketeers are slow and don’t do as much damage to cav also they don’t have cover mode. And brits don’t have halberdiers (even though historically they did).

As for Dutch:

You have Royal guard halberdiers with multiple combat cards and a coin focused economy…Why would you ever need pikemen?


When you do something stupid and lose all your banks

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I mean “British Papal Guard politician”. It’s in the techtreey.xml.