British explorer skins - opinions?

Just unlocked the last event task and got to see third explorer skins.
What are your thought in general, and compared to previous skins?

Weirdly don’t have a lot to say, besides ‘pretty nice’.
One thing stick out- Ramsey looks really… tanned, compared with the preview picture, like she spent 3 weeks sunbathing. Either picture or model should be adjusted to match.
Ada’s rifle… Is there some lore reason for looking steampunk-ish? Not from UK, so honestly don’t know.

Also that’s the first time new skin swapped hero to the opposite gender? So you know, your Sir Chad McChiseledface should probably be renamed heh.

Some close-ups:


I’ll be sticking with guy fawkes tyvm


pues para mi las skins se ven geniales, espero que a los monjes japoneses les den una skin de doncella del santuario


Someone needs to tell Ramsey to take it easy with those 17th century tanning beds…

Ada looks really cool though, my favorite of the joke-ish skins for the Explorers so far.

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I think devs hinted already that they’re aiming to introduce explorer skins for all civs, just like they are working to introduce and expand HomCity customization options.

Yeah it is a bit weird. There is a place and time for creative freedom, but here it’s just out of place. She is an established character. Daughter of English nobleman that fled to the Caribbean.


I don’t even think that is the case, this seems to be just a lightning bug.

It might be the case, partially.
In-game model in bright lighting setting is a bit closer to ‘I’ve buccaneering in full Caribbean sunshine for years’ scenario. Or it’s just autosuggestion, the discrepancy between her and 2d art is still visible.
A minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but these are free cosmetics, no a lot to criticize besides it, to be honest. I think most people let go ‘sticking only to real-life, grounded history’ at worst around release of spacesuit man for US civ :slight_smile:
And at the end of the day these are lighthearted skins for a game that had a fountain of youth in the main campaign.

When the female explorers get attacked by other units and lose hp, they make male cries of pain.


Yes, they could have left their voices to Lizzie in the multiplayer, but it sounds strange making screams of man xd…Edit:The British women explorer has the voices of Lizzie when she is selected in the customization tab of the British explorer in the Homecity UI…


eu preferia que so fosse lizzie e amelia black

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I like them, but it would be nice if they could fix them making male grunt noises during battle. Just use the female villagers noises if need be.


we get Sailor Moon skin for Japanese Monks

Honestly, that is me hoping.

o de akame y esdeath de akame ga kill xd

Dude looks undead. Ramsey looks like she got a tin can exploding on her face. Lighting is very weird.

Dude it is a british explorer, they got no sun over there. It is like always cloudy and rainy.

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The choice for Explorer models seem to be rather inconsistent. Some of them are historical alternatives, others are story characters, and the rest are just completely memey, like the American Astronaut and Uncle Sam, or now the British Ada Lovelace character. I wish they would have more historical options because I don’t really care for these sort of joke characters.


Because a game is supposed to be Fun first of all. If someone wants to learn about correct history depiction, a game isn’t the first choice to do it, not even second. I don’t know why you people don’t get it. Especially also, not the gameplay.

Fun facts:
Monks can’t heal people by clapping hands.
Infinite ammunition didn’t exist.
Explorers weren’t invincible.
Peoples weren’t vampires / and they also needed to eat and be paid.
There weren’t any buildings/shipments that produced infinite resources.
etc… I can be nitpick and be picky about all the decisions and label them ‘not historically accurate’. This same applies to ALL AGE games, not only 3. So at this point, why play the game? Go read a historical book.

People bitching about the USA skins, that is entirely OPTIONAL (and Free), just got us whatever Chinese skins they were making cancelled and they revamped the Campaigns heroes. Maybe we could have got a dragon warrior, or Bruce Lee but can’t have that eh… Fack off.


But she has that complexion for the Caribbean sun…


Yes, they could have put Francis Drake as the skin of the British explorer…

A lot of people are drawn to the AoE series because it interfaces with history. Maybe it doesn’t do it 100% accurately (and it takes many, many, many liberties, we know), but the history is a big draw for the game anyway. AoE2 was what started my lifelong interest in history, and I think I can say the same for many other players of the game.

I don’t see it as a mutually exclusive choice to have pop culture figures as explorers versus historical characters. They can do both.