British Logistician

Hello there! Is there any Brit Logistician good strategy and build order you know or use?



All strategies I hear of it are AGE II rushes.

Since you can build an outpost before you age up, Really it’s a bad choice otherwise.

I only ever used it once, during the closed beta.
For some reason, I thought it would grant a longbowman AND a villager, so I thought, “why the hell not?”. Then I realized my mistake.

By far the worst logistician. If only it increased range of longbowmen instead.


I normally stay age 1 for a long time sending 3v, virginia company, exotic hardwoods and if necessary building hp and pioneers. All villagers on wood, get 20 manors out and build a few outposts along the way, the trick is to have all your 20 villagers from manors before choosing logistician, then you just age up with an incredible eco and can spam from like 5 towers longbowmen and pikemen. It’s great to time age up when your enemy is pushing in because they see no barracks and boom 25 longbowmen pop out.
I first saw callen do this build^

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1 longbow has way less value than 1 vil…does anyone really use this option for the arsenal upgrade?
This one needs a major rework.


You will die several times in that against any competent opponent.

That upgrade doesn’t even help your main age2 unit, the musketeer.
If it granted flint lock instead it would have been better.

Seen Callen do it many times and he’s like 1800+ ELO, I’ve certainly done it and win more often than not, depends on the match up though wouldn’t be a good idea vs a very aggressive age 2 civ.


That’s 3 shipments in age2, by that time the average FF civ will field their OP age3 shipment.

play vs callen, let us know how it goes


It’s a bit of a meme build but it for sure works, go and watch callen on twitch and try it yourself after maybe, you get shipments quite quickly from all the manors/towers you’re building. Normally you get a tp too like standard virginia build.

Edited to say that once you do age with such a strong eco you can normally go straight up to industrial.

Well I am guessing this depends on the match up, but I doubt this would work against lakota, or china, or germans, or spain.

If you do play against other lamer civs, like dutch or japan it may work.

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There is a old video of Aussie Drongo about this politician. I don’t know if it helps.

On my own experience, I tried a little bit and it’s just feel that the normal age 2 pike/longbow British is more reliable, although there is a little bit of a rush with this Logistician that could potentially give you some advantage thought the rest of the game.

Honestly I feel all those arsenal Logisticians are just sort of bad, with maybe the exception of the German one, because it’s allows Germany to sort of fight play on a water map by putting all vills on wood and double docking fishing boats, while still producing pike/crossbow with the breast plate upgrade.
So it’s sorta of a mix of water boom and tower rush that is somewhat decent. It’s a interesting build order, but I guess it’s more because Germany don’t really have much other water options.

And yeah, some people mentioned the callen’s FI… he posted a bunch of recs that you might use as a reference here:

Callen actually won against some quite competent players with this build… it could be good, but I guess it’s just one of those things that I don’t have enough balls to actually play it. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks all. I feel like those kind of build order might actually be fun in a teamgame because of the surprise effect

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So is there plan to rework this politician?
I’d say British is pretty balanced with or without it (because it is rarely used in the first place) but the design is flawed and should not even be there.
Changing free villager to free longbow is a big nerf and basically erasing the core gameplay of this civ and all its future potentials. There aren’t many options that change a civ so drastically (in a negative way). Imagine an option that changes villager cost to food and disables banks for the Dutch.
I can accept a short-term-rewarding option that is designed for rushes/all-ins, but it should not mean completely giving up all future gameplay (like the pre-DE revolutions, but they are late game options).

Just removing the “manors spawn longbows” part is already fair enough. It already gives one free tech (200 res) and enables unit training at outposts. Maybe it should give either (1) another free tech (like flintlock) (2) a special buff to longbows or musketeers (3) an outpost wagon to match up with the bonus of other politicians.