Bro please fix these crashes

every mid game i get crashed in a 2v2, and end up leaving my team mate for dead
just fix it for the love of prelates man, this is getting annoying and aggravating, every 2v2 i get ends up in a crash and me feeling guilty because i left my team mate for dead.

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Do you save and send the crash report? Is it only when a lot of units are on screen? Details brother details.

Valid, so what happens usually is that the game just closes randomly, no crash report or notification, just andomly closes sends me back to a black screen and after a few seconds of staring at the black screen, it puts me back at my desktop

Check your firewall and other security settings and make sure they are allowing external connections, and make sure UPnP is on for your router.

You can also check your drivers and make sure they are all up to date.

Other than that, I’d put in a post on the bug report section and/or contact AoE/Microsoft support.

This isn’t a Relic problem most likely and is more likely a windows issue, or a bad install.

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I haven’t had a single crash yet in this game since release. I’d recommend that you check that all of your drivers are up to date as well as checking so that your firewall and/or anti-virus software ain’t causing this to happen etc.

If this does not help I suggest that you report this to the support team at Microsoft and on this forums at the bug section so that they can check on this from their side.

I just reset my entire pc and did a reinstall of windows, it seems to be good now, with some occasional stuttering from my internet :upside_down_face:

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