"Brown screen" & crashes when switching window modes & biomes

1: When using Alt-Enter to toggle between window/full-screen modes, the game screen becomes a solid brown block (which slightly changes color every few seconds).

Cap 2

When this occurred, it could be reproduced with 100% certainty - every Alt-Enter after game startup would cause the “brown screen”, whether from Windowed to fullscreen or vice versa. This is hereafter referred to as “error state”.

2: During the period in which the Alt-Enter issue was present, trying to change the Skirmish map Biome would crash the game.

3: When I tried to change the display mode from Windowed to Borderless Fullscreen in the Settings menu, the menu becomes glitched:

Some UI items still become highlighted when moused over, but do not respond when clicked. When I clicked on Credits, the game crashed.

4: The error state was gone after restarting the game, and repeatedly using Settings to switch between display modes. The game functioned normally afterwards.

5.0.26139.0 (see screenshot above).
Though to my memory, components of the issues had been occurring sporadically since the beta.

See screenshot above.
Notably, I’m using a laptop which built-in screen has a different native resolution from the external monitor - a common source of issues in many games. The error may be related to mismatch of expected & actual resolutions.

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Thank you for reporting @cucuct! First thing you might want to try is updating your graphics drivers. If you’ve done that, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. Thanks!