I’m so done with this game, every time a new civ comes out the devs make it broken so ppl buy it. Sate malitia… was OP, Hausa and Etho tower rush… OP… they only nerf it once the new best civ comes out. Now again with Mexico. They’ve done it since DEwas released with OP kancha and caroleon bs, I’m convinced aoe3 is now pay to win, u can’t tell me that 40 strelets and 25 jans loose to 30 filibuesters, the guy had 0 vils, 1 factory and a farm thing and managed to have 30 fili busterds on the field the whole game. he gets coins for kills… this unit has 27 ranged damage in age II, i cant do this anymore, i loved this game for so many years but you did it. u finally made aoe3 pay to win, noobs who don’t train vils beating players soley on units. no micro. no macro. just op units to carry low lvl players to the top


Never tried the baja california revolt, will be sure to try it now though thanks.

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Fun, relatively easy age 2 push. Fizzles out hard though. If you’re defending against it, depth is your friend.

Yeah, its too strong tho, how can double ur pop in musk/skirm loose to it in 2:1? i had sent imp buildings, and CM, this guy 2v1’d us, im 1800, and team mate 1700, these opponents were 1400 and 1500, they legit just threw their musk into our army and managed to win, how??

Were they buffed up fighting under the flag? Normally they’d only have 1 more ranged attack and 10 more health than the run-of-the-mill musketeer. You can move away from the flag once it’s placed and make them have to leave its radius to chase after you. If they’re going baja then they’re going all out, If you can defend against that initial push then they won’t have a ton left to use immediately after. Try and fight under your TC since the flag can’t be placed there and you can call minute men. Minutemen do 2x bonus damage against filibusters because of the siege unit tag.

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legend, thats exactly what i did, i had CM, and IB, we popped jan batch and a shipment of hus on them, teammate had his strel there, he still killed all our guys 2v1. he had 27 attack on his units, thats way more than a jan or musk

I always find the Fillibuster fizzles out very quickly

I think improved buildings and CM is downfall here is ur downfall here. no real reason to send that card. filibusters are weaker then pistoleros for an outlaw unit. keeping ur distance and sniping his units will more then kill them. an abus mass + cossack might have been better.

im not really sure how you can lose to this unit if u have strelet unless he somehow manages to just outmass you? like it only has 160 hp. A single volley of 10 strelet should one shot them, and you have more range.

we are talking about his unit right?

cause remmeber that the filibuster revolt also gives him access to age 3 mercs.

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yeah man was that unit, didnt have those stats tho, had 180HP and 27 ranged attack. idk thats why im like tf is going on, he wasnt even microing them, he just charged them into the strelets and stood there while we were kiting him, how tf does he win that fight?? and yeh they should fizzle out ur right, but the dude got coin from killing our units, had a factory, so could remass faster than we could kill him, and so his french teammate just went III and spammed curr

that stat means he has the combat card on them, which gives it 15% atk and hp. Ur description of him just walking towards the strelet kinda doesnt make any sense, strelet have higher speed so unless the strelet is being microed badly, he should never even be able to take a shot at them, like ever.

That is a lot of cards he needs to send, atleast 4.

I have to ask, what was u and ur teammate’s age up time? cause I presume this is happening in age 2 and it really seems like he has a tonne of set up time. You could have go to age 3 and send 2 falcs and that would have just wiped them

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yeah the problem was we tried rushing him, but he could hold out enough to get those cards in, an ff woudlve worked correct, but i just dont think those shoulod b age II units

They are weaker then the standard outlaw units so I think its just that your build was out of order.

You tried to rush against a team where one was being defensive and one person FF. Which means he just has to defend and take cost effective trade while his ally FF and potentially support him with better units and resources.

Not to mention, if the battle is taking place when you have 25 jan and your ally 40 strelet, that is arguably too late for a rush. Or atleast by that point, you really should have just aged or your ally have cards like boyars for the strelet mass. To even mass that amount of units takes about 2 minutes (3 if you dont send unit shipments) and considering normal age up times, that means you are attacking around 6-7 mins. The opponent will either have their own mass or aging by that point.

so we pushed in as a normal attack right, 5:20 obv u dont suicide ur units, u try to keep him idled etc, we were taking shots at his units right but thats the problem. a 1v2 u should b able to push in and kill ur opponent under a rush, but this guy held us off with just stupid fili units. im saying we held him in for a while taking trades, and when we realised france was going ff, we forced an engagement, and some how we lost. the bo was on point, like we aren’t low lvl players, both of us been to 2k elo multiple times, over 100 lvl civ, like we know when to take fights and when not to, its just frustrating that 1 guy with less MUSK than our MUSK/SKIRM mass can tank enough shots and then win such an uneven fight

I think you just made the wrong call or there are some other units mixed in there. If france has gone ff then the correct call would have been to just pick off their units from range while pulling back and aging up cause you are on the clock from the first age 3 shipment (either skirm or 3 or 2 cannons)

If you force an engagement then you are fighting close to TC fire (though i dont think its fully relevant here) and also his production buildings meaning the more he kills from you he can just replace them.

You have strelet which has more range, he can’t chase you. They have to fight and kill you for them to get any eco, so pushing into a place where he can kill you works to their advantage.

Like think about it this way, that unit is about the same as british musket with the HP card and the attack card and you are fighting right under their production structures.

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Good job talking him off the ledge guys.

This filibuster seems to be a new thing. It was difficult to counter and I was surprised after the game the guy had no econ units. Is possible to do it though. Just have to be defensive until you can get ahead of the lopsided military curve.

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yeah i think now ik what to do, we’ll just pull back and try ff, and get 2 falcs out and possibly some petards to snipe his factory during an engagement

I just got filibustered. I got flooded and lost by a pretty good margin. You have to get over that hump. Remember if they filibuster you hard they will have no

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this man speaking the truth agreed 100%.

very disappointed man