Buckriders little broken, please nerf before patch

as imagens falam por si

essa unidade na era 3 sera muito forte e alem de ter um custo relativamente barato o dano ea população e muito bom alen do seu ‘‘poder especial’’

Captura de Tela (79)

comparando com a idade 3
Captura de Tela (80)
Captura de Tela (81)

idade 4 com atualização da taverna
Captura de Tela (83)
Captura de Tela (84)

idade 5 com tudo no maximo
Captura de Tela (86)
Captura de Tela (87)

Captura de Tela (76) com a carta do teatro ele ficara com 1 de população

o que faz essa unidade ser muito OP e sua população e seu custo juntamente com ‘‘seu poder especial’’


Highwaymen are 4 pop, and can be reduced to 2 pop. 2 ruyters vs 1 highwayman isn’t that different (more hp for ruyters, more attack for highwaymen)

Edit: nevermind, you can get these guys to 1 pop. Yeah, that’s definitely not good, given how strong ruyter spam already is. And these are twice as good as ruyters.


and it has a charge attack

getting Cowboys ptsd flashback

if 2 pop fine - also remove the charge attack

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I literally just created an account to point this out, but…

The cavalry version of this unit is not even the part that will really crack open the game if this goes live. Instead, the dismounted version is far stronger an addition to the Dutch comp. I am a bit curious if it was even intended, as Buckrider pop reduction does not seem to apply to the infantry, but Dance Halls still does, and either way, it is 1 pop when it matters, which is training before a fight.

Meanwhile, the stats are comparable or better than a standard musketeer with a charged attack and fast rate of fire. And the cost to train these guys becomes equal to a Ruyter, just all in coin instead of food/coin. So this gives Dutch a very powerful option in age2, both getting a ruyter who just needs folk heroes to shadowtech and also become a top tier musketeer. Which ironically will make the highlanders less appealing.

The Dutch concept is awesome. Hope we get it to a point it is nice and clean before it goes live!


você pode fazer um post melhor e mais detalhado para os devs verem e concertarem antes do patch sair

They can be reduced to 1 pop if you send the Theater card.

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Its probably an oversight, if I were to guess the theaters card is probably gonna get removed from the Dutch in exchange for this new card.


I think it’s fine since there are two specific unit shipments involved, but in order for them not to end up so op would have to:

highwayman increase cost to 130 (from 115)

The mercenary contractor no longer affects outlaws (all outlaws, except for special ones like Mexico or USA are never used in imperial).

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No. In team games (even 2v2s) dutch tend to just to age 4 and spam ruyters. This gives them a unit that has between 50-100% better attack than ruyters, able to switch to a musketeer, coin only cost (as dutch, this is nothing), shadow techs, all for the same pop. This is a ruyters on crack and will be oppressive in team games if the pop cost is not adjusted.


I think you are getting confused:

These would be the differences between the units,

The shadow upgrades only happens in fourth for all outlaws (something that would have to be changed, having to be like the American ones), since in fifth you have to age with a politician.

To say that there are two cards, 3 since you are adding the cavalry combat card that affects both equally. The upgrades you get are proportional to the invested shipments.

or that the improvement of imperial for outlaws instead of being 35% is 20%.


The unit’s balaros will be this at the end of the game.

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lembrando que eles poder ser usados como mosqueteiros alem de serem usado na revolução de africa do sul que e extremamente quebrado.

Great now Buckriders are useless.

1 pop makes them better than ruyters however 2 pop is too much they are not even as strong as 2 pop dragoons. They should make buckriders an age 4 card and buff Highwaymen so they are worth 2 pop. The unit is completely useless at 2 pop as is and it seems evident they intended for this to synergize with the new Dutch State army card.

They should do about 20% - 30% more damage and HP but nerf the charged attack by 20% too with the card. Highwaymen should be closer aligned with dragoons when sending this card to compensate. Increase their cost to 150 - 175 coin too


It has been a long time since this has been the case, the tech gives a vet upgrade in age 3 and then shadow tech every subsequent age now

The politician also doesnt give boost to outlaws anymore, that is just tied to the tech as well, it also does give 50% boost in imperial

It is impressive how concerning this card started to where it is now. For all their eventual coin flow, current buckrider card just doesn’t seem to have a chance to shine, at all, age 2, especially in time for pressure or rushes where something like a musk or a dragoon would be wonderful to have.

I think the devs should give us an idea what this card is meant to do. Is it JUST for flavor? If so, neat reference, at least. Would be nice to hear that for certain.

That said, it -feels- like an attempt to start what seems like an intentional Dutch raw coin-eco strat, flowing into DSA card. If so, this card either needs to better earn its 500c cost, or be set back to free. Without theaters, itself a whole other card shipment with otherwise no tempo boost, I’d be shocked if this unit could be used in a way where getting it early would cause issues.

I think the original concern was fair, but now it just doesn’t seem to fit into anything Dutch wants to do within a timeframe it would be good to do it.