Buff idea for burmese

Every relic that collected by burmese’ s team gives +1/+1 armor to burmeses infantries.

Are you joking? or what?
Burmese need a buff vs archers not to Infantry, also their infantry gets extra attack for free? why more


make it +0/+2 :smiley: (just kidding tho)

So Burmese infantry would end up with potentially 70 hp 20 attack and 9/10 armor. And how would you counter such a unit?


handconners, knights, other anti-inf units…

Burmese weak in early castle (ultil mass arambais),early imp( ultil has enough eco for elephants). If they manage to collect relics, they will be strong with their infs in early imp.

This a joke thread right? Think of something less broken and insane, please.

The Burmeses are weak vs archers and lacked a true powerhouse unit in POST IMP high resources, fully boomed fights. Now Howdah gives their battle elephants +2 pierce armor. I say the Burmese is pretty okay now vs archers late IMP. They have at least something costly, but a good hard counter to archers.

Still it’s costly. They could perhaps keep it as a weakness. Or give them a cost effective counter to archers. Burmeses are great in melee combat.


Problem is, Battle eles aren’t great at 1v1.

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Is there gointo be a balance change this month?

Yeah, but at least they now have a power unit at the very least in late-game team games.

Gving archer ring armor might be somewhat useful. (but lazy) Since they can tank just a little bit better. The stats of Arambai might need to change due to it, however. At least their skirmishers won’t be totally useless.

I’m really curious to see how you came to the conclusion that cavalry is somehow viable against a civ with 8 armor, 13 damage Halbs.


okay so just to put this into perspective.
what if a civ doesn’t have hand cannons?
as for knights - that brings up a good point.
imagine longswords with these.
LS would have 13 attack, potentially 7 armor (that’s as much as a fully upgraded Teuton Paladin) and 8 PA (more then a fully upgraded Paladin).
that means a knight is going to do a whopping 5 damage an attack and take 9 damage back.
and you call knights a counter? Paladins will beat them 1v1, but will they beat them cost effectively?
Cavalier would deal 7 damage an attack and take 14 damage back.
as for anti infantry units - your options are Cataphracts, Jags, Plumes, Hand Cannons and Cannon Galleons.

Furthermore their Halbs would have 13 damage before you even factor in the bonus damage, then with relics their armor goes up to 8/9. and you think cavalry is going to be a good counter to that?

Pike + LS in the castle age = I win.
n2m even if you discount the halbs, the Paladin is so ridiculously expensive that it wouldn’t win cost effectively, and how many civs even have Paladins they can use against them? Cavalier would win 1v1 (barely, assuming it has all armor upgrades and bloodlines), but would no way win cost effectively.

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I am sort of sad they buffed Howdah for Burmese because it turns out to be nearly irrelevant in most games and it was not what they needed. Now, though, the devs have an excuse to leave the civ in garbage tier for 1+ years cuz they already got “buffed”. Don’t get me wrong, overall the devs are doing a really good job balancing-wise, but in the case of Burmese, they needed something else.


Every civ has strengths and weaknesses. The Burmese are great in melee combat. They may actually fair quite well vs the Goths due to their own plus damage infantry bonuses.

The weakness the civ is lack of anti archer.

A simple solution would be to give their skirmisher free pierce armour to off set the lack of blacksmith upgrades. That way, they would have decent no gold coating skirmishes, yet still garbage archers.


I would give them Heresy, which has great synergy with their monastery bonus and elephants.

Heresy Burmese Elephants could be the CA Archer counter they need.

I’m aware that it might end up Overpowered. But Burmese are in a bad state and an original solution respecting the civ identity would be interesting. There are probably ways to test it a bit in Beta to detect whether it will be completely degenerate or not.

Maybe remove Faith.

There are not a beta pre-loeaded in the public test region. So I think no.

Their monks are fine. They need faith. Don’t remove it. Malay already have heresy. So, it would make them less unique.

Elephants are very costly in 1v1 without trade. I dunno. They don’t have any good cheap anti archer counters.

The individual cost of an unit isn’t very significant compared to the value you get per ressource spent. An individual burmese (Elite) elephant can tank 270(320) archer hits. The amount of arrows tanked per ressource is quite high. You can even add Skirms in the backrow to support a couple of elephants.

Edit : and honestly Malay Elephants are unique enough with their broken cost and all offensive upgrades anyways. They are the easiest to play IMHO.
I was only proposing removing Faith in case adding Heresy would have needed balancing. This way, Malays would remain the only elephants with both Heresy and Faith. But might not be necessary.

Cavalier and Hussars