Buff idea for goths

Infantries can collect food from hunting animals and fishing without need drop. They will get healed when infantries collecting food.

Since goths have not a so good eco buff in early games, players can be rewarded with this way.

There isn’t much point of that. If you are making militia in the dark age you are setting yourself up for failure regardless. Unless you are doing some sort of rush.

I guess it could be useful on a map where there’s lots of wildlife. But it could be quite broken since the goths would be able to flow out infantry more easily.

maa rush can be more effective, that is the point.

Come on guys. It will be fun.

“Come on guys won’t it be fun when you get lamed by a bunch if militia that will get healed for it”


That is the point. This will be a good counterplay chance for goths.

sounds incredibly broken

No because it won’t give them an advantage. Typical maps only have 8 sheep, 2 boars and 3-4 deer which are all hunted in dark age. If you are making barracks and militia in dark age you are delaying your feudal age up time. And militia cost gold which you need for loom.

The premature offensive of the Goths is one of the reasons why they are disliked by the community.

I’d rather give them cavalry plate armor or basic stone walls to help them transition to the later-game infantry flood that is their most important identity, than keep them game only in the dark and feudal age.