Buff Movement Speed for Longbows, Zhuge Nu and Crossbows

I think Longbows, Zhuge Nu, Crossbows and Arbaletrier all move a bit too slow for light armored infantry units. This is especially noticeable on larger maps, such as in team games. The larger the map, the move obvious it is. I think giving them the same movement speed as other archers would definitely help.

Granted this is an outright buff for all these units unless something else was nerfed to compensate. Zhuge Nu only have 4.5 range and aren’t always easy to get to, so they might be okay without other changes. Crossbows have a lower fire rate than regular archers and along with arbs can’t be made until castle anyway so I’m not sure they would need a nerf either. Longbowmen on the other hand, would definitely need some kind of nerf to compensate for higher movement speed. 7 range with normal archer movement would be way too easy to kite other archers so I was thinking give them 6 range to balance them out a little. Obviously, they would still be able to kite somewhat but having 6 range would hurt them against other units and make it a bit harder to raid woodlines etc safely without taking TC fire. Slowing down the council hall production time slightly could be an option as well. Other suggestions would be welcome.

Obviously, other units such as men at arms are slow too and it is of course also noticeable on larger maps but unlike these archer units, they are heavily armored so it seems reasonable to me that they would have low movement speed. Maybe the problem has more to do with maps as all the maps beyond micro and small seem a bit too big for the number of players they are designed for but either way unique archers and crossbows just feel too slow for the map sizes in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.

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Afaik only Landsknechts and Pikemen take bonus damage from archers.

I would honestly speed up all units except siege and maybe traders. At least I would like to try it out, how this plays into the siege problem and map size.

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Oh I think you are right, melee infantry only, my bad, I’ll edit that out