Buff Palisade and stone gates vs arrow fire

Gates tend to be shreded like butter, so it would be great if they had their armor or hp increased to make them more worth it.

Drop a castle on a stone gate and watch it go up in flames in short manner

Attack the gate through melee seems fine but could use a small buff there as well vs non-siege units


thats cause the extra arrows of castles have +9 bonus damage vs stone defense’s. what your asking for is a fix to a completly intentional part of the game. castles are meant to shred walls and gates


If you ask me, none arrow unit or building should be able to attack any building until chemistry being researched…


Trushing would be uncounterable.


If anything should change, then palisades need a nerf. Stone walls and gates are fine.

Castles are meant to be strong. So them beating stone gates isn’t an issue at all.

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Except that it is weird - why make siege units at all to break down walls when a simple castle drop does it for you?

650 stone is really “simple”


Yeah, it is.

Castles are anti personnel - not anti wall/building

Because Castles are immobile, and cannot be easily rebuilt, as they are the most expensive building in the game, and the single resource they cost is also the one that depletes the fastest.

Castles become irrelevant in the Imperial Age, because Trebs make them obsolete, but Siege units are ALWAYS useful.


It takes long time for castle to destroy walls and gates, siege is far more faster and you dont have to waste so much villager work time to do so.

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I’m referring to the gates being torn like butter from castle arrow fire despite their build time being significantly longer/and use much more resources than a single wall piece - castles are anti personnel - not siege equipment.

No they are not, they still need a while, Rams and Mangonels do it faster.
You also cannot reposition that Castle, when the opponent just builds another gate a bit back, and re-Walls.

It is much cheaper and faster to build another layer of Walls, that it is to build a single Castle.
Because they cost 650 Stone, and have 5 massive hardcounters in the Imperial Age (Petards, Siege Rams, Bombard Cannons, Trebuchets and Cannon Galleons), Castles really need to be anti-everything.

Otherwise, with how useless most UUs are when compared the much easier to spam normal units, no one would even build Castles.


Castle age castle drop into aggression on a now gate-less opponent with or without the fortified upgrade without needing to make a single petard or ram except to perhaps destroy any meager effort to rewall regardless of if it’s further back or not / or just send in the troops and any wanted siege afterwards.

theyre intentionally weaker vs arrows. if you wanna be safe vs archers dont build gates into your walls. Archers still take quite a while to destroy a fortified stone gate.

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Stone defenses have a lot of hidden mechanism behind it. You will see this with all sorts of buildings. Just check how easy a TC shreds a watch tower (if built in range, for whatever strange reason), but the tower barely does damage to tc. It works kinda similarly with all the stone defenses. So yes, towers and castles are pretty effective against walls, thanks to hidden bonus dmg. But if you attack stone walls with normal archers, you will see the more ‘expected’ results.

In the end, Castles are very expensive, so it makes sense that they’re pretty strong against even other buildings. Besides Castle drops are quite common in Arena, and it would be quite upsetting for many Arena players if Castles were no longer viable as an offensive tool.

It just doesn’t make sense

Palisades should be given more PA, with all these nerfs, it really deserves a realistic buff to balance it out.

Force archer civs to make a couple militia to break down walls.

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@HealFortress I defend you everytime I think you are right. You know that. I totally support you having fun playing with your roleplay strat.

BUT you cant ask specific for nerf/buff because of your roleplay strat. Nobody ever complained about that because it’s balanced in the way it is.

I mean you CAN ask but lets just face that you its okay to play as you want but asking the devs to customized the game to your specific strat is kind silly.

I understand where you’re coming from, and I appreciate you

In regards to any changes I ask for - most of the time they do not involve my strategy - while I do use limited house walls/gates, stone walls - I am not asking changes to increase my strategy but to increase the viability of these objects for all strategies - if they happen to have even a minor effect on my own strategy, which is broad and includes as many strategies as needed to counter whatever the enemy decides to throw my way while maintaining a consistent start to allow - What I’m trying to say is that I don’t go about asking for changes for myself and my strategy nor do I pretend to demand these changes - if my language suggests that I demand these things I apologize. If I present an idea I have a habit of keeping a strong opinion on it unless I’m proven otherwise - while I might say strongly ‘this is how it should be’ it is but a suggestion in my eyes

My strategy may touch on allot of the things in the game - and yes I do ask for changes I would like to experience using or have used and would like changed - it would make less sense for me to ask changes on something I haven’t tested and theorized on / rest assured I don’t go thinking ‘what can I buff today to make the strategy stronger without needing to improve myself?’ / I want to improve the game, and that’s the viewpoint I look at changes from - it has very little else to do with my game-play habits

You can pretty much wall behind your walls outside the range of the castle. it is really not like the gate will instantly goes down. You have some time to rewall. Stone walls seems really fine to me in general. There is really no need to touch them at all.

Castle drop itself is pretty risky. If you spot it, you can easily deny or at least hit his eco pretty hard. That makes castle drop already a balance strategy pick. Dropping castles isnt an OP move or anything close to that.

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