Buff Sicilians

For the sicilians I would suggest a bonus that give them +100 starting stone, since they are so vulnerable to Trush strategies. In fact, only one tower form the enemy is enough to force the sicilians to build a donjon, and to burn all their stone, so that they need to gather more of it for TCs in the castle age. While the enemy can simply send 3 of the forward vills to gather 10 stone each, and it’s enaugh for at least a TC.

Another buff may be one to their monastery, both for balance and historical purposes I don’t get why the sicilians have terrible a monastery. I think that they simply should have redeption and block printing, and maybe even atonement. Their bonus aren’t that crazy, but at least they could have a flexible tech tree. The monastery is what keeps them behind the most in this aspect.

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I’m not sure even pros are THIS precise in their decisions. I find this bonus easier to use than say, perfectly reassigning your economy based on what eco upgrades you have in the late game.

Well their UT is literally called “First crusade”.
Also ngl monk tech trees are somewhat of a mess. Based on this criteria you would have civs like Franks or Ethiopian with a full monk tech tree.

Sicilians are probably the worst civ atm, already mentioned by nearly all pro player and my opinion too.
Then they hard nerf in the last patch and really need a strong buff now.

  1. Start with +100 Stones
  2. First TC eg on Nomade built 50% faster
  3. UU -10g
  4. UU elite upgrade - 200f, - 200g