Buff the English. Nerf the French

The French are so powerful that literally everyone wants to pick them in Competitive. Rus can match them but they’re harder to play so I have watched a lot of matched with French mirrors.

Their Naval Hulk is so damn Powerful that it oneshots most ships. And getting Knights early on and then getting Chivalry, Mongols stand no chance. Just keep harrasing their little camp and go back and heal.

Most French matchups and won by the french.

On the other hand the English really need a Buff in terms of what their landmarks can do, the First Council hall landmark is good for cheaper Longbowmen, but after that everything is quite weak. Even their Navy can’t match the French navy, which is historically accurate for that time period but still they need some buffs.


I hope this is a joke. I understand what you say about French and I agree on it, but English should be definetely nerfed as well. It is simply unbelievable the amount of longbowmen they can do as soon as they reach the feudal age. Simply broken.


England is strong enough, we should focus on Buff and other weaker civilizations. France has determined that it will be Nerf, we should consider whether or not Nerf England, but definitely not want to Buff it.

England is fine don’t need any buffs. HRE who needs buffs.

Most French matchups and won by the french.

Based on what info? The only stats I have seen so far are from the genesis tournament where French indeed was picked the most but performed as one of the worst civs (25% winrate).

I meant naval power of English. I get obliterated by French hulks. By the time you get to feudal, they send 5 hulks and your naval presence and docks are gone. There’s just no way you can bounce back after that. Can’t even make a dock with 10 hulks patrolling the coast.

Absolutely not true. French are barely picked in the highest ELO. English counter french early game. English are better at rushing, and have amazing late game economy with the gold from farms. English have amazing landmark in all ages (the town center, the castle with increased range, the cheap army one).

After the french get their ship nerfed and with the incoming buffs to spears and crossbows (like spears neeeded buff at all), french will barely be played.

I fear the english longbow-ram push way more than some french early knight agression. If you dont 100% prepare for this push from the english you often lose. And you cant even stop this early with blocking their gold (which works against french) since longbows dont need gold and rams neither.
The french hulk on water is broken, thats true. But will be fixed.

England needs neither a buff nor a nerf imo, other civs should just be able to deal with armored units more effectively in the Feudal Age. If they just use longbowmen, towers will make their harassment ineffective. If they use rams on top of it (which will be nerfed next patch anyway), you can manually target the outposts to fend off the archers and then focus the ram down. If they pair it with MaA it’s definitely very hard to counter for some civs though

Ribauld needs a hard buff, and if you need to nerf France further in order to buff a unit that they have access to in order make that unit playable, then nerf away.

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Ribauld? I’m sorry I’m not following here.

Do you mean Springald?

See? You don’t even know it’s in the game, that’s how much of a buff it needs lol

The Organ gun

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Ribauldequin. It’s a siege weapon in aoe4.

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Thank you! Finally someone that thinks instead of just copying whatever everyone else is saying. Everyone says french wins the most but the only statistics we have so far show very differently.

I would like to see chivalry moved to castle age, and maybe a nerf to the drop off discount.along with the feudal Hulk being weaker and needing a castle age upgrade.

All archers should get a -1 dmg v spears.

English landmark should be reduced to something like 50% faster in feudal and 100% faster in castle age potentially adding the ability to produce xbows in castle age.

Their healing landmark needs a buff /rework. Potentially increase radius by 5 and rate by 1and have it give all monasteries a healing aura as well (so it scales with age)

With the other civs being buffed /fixed it will inherently change the French,Mongol,English dominance.

Mongols will eventually get some nerfs as well.