Buff the Flaming Camel

I love the Flaming Camel unit, it brings some fun in the game. Problem is, since their existence, I never saw them in a serious match.

It would be nice if they could be buffed considerably, even make them maybe a little more versatile, so that the unit will be more used.

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Flaming Camels are a very situational anti-elephant unit, and are one of the only units than can deal with large groups of elephants quickly. Apart from that, they are more of a meme/fun unit than something you will often see in tournaments. I doubt they will be buffed, since Tatars already got a serious buff recently and another buff cannot really be justified.

Sometimes you see them in BR nowadays, because of the dominance of elephants in that game mode.


Leave it as a meme unit please. They can be massed pretty easy in team games with trade. They badly damage war elephants and cavalry. That’s fine.


They work pretty fine as a contention unit. Do not need to be buffed. Neither Tatars do

Flaming Camels are an alright meme unit. Time to make Arambai the same :smiley:

This is why I always suggest this to replace the inca team bonus: new incas team bonus should be that land suicidal units do +100% damage with +50% splash radius. Then Tatar flaming camels with an Inca ally will be viable.

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Making petards and flaming camels to saboteur not a good idea.

My bad

Errrrr… no… no. That would be really awful.

Demo ships are not included - I said “land suicidal units” here. Petards could use a buff – a team bonus is supposed to have some significance, and it would be nice if the Inca bonus actually helps the team break down stone walls for example. Not every petard will be buffed; only those on teams with an Inca ally.

There’s literally no historical premise based add-on. For starters in Incas were not known as great gunpowder nation. Petards are gunpowder based explosive device.

Plus I’m pretty sure we would hear about historic battle exploding Incas troops in real life.

The best thing they can do for them is making them available in the castle age without a unique tech

That could end up as too much of a buff.

I found the thread for this original suggestion: Incas September buff suggestions

I suggested it not for the historical significance, but to solve both problems of an underused unit (flaming camels) and an inconvenient team bonus (faster farm building). It’s just an idea; the numbers can be adjusted, e.g. +50% damage, or no damage increase but a splash increase, etc.

Flamming camels were real in history, Tamerlane used them when he invaded India

%100 damage changes outcome of rarely seen close castle wars and %50 more splash damage is the most important thing, with %100 attack it makes petards and flaming camels scenario/cheat unit saboteur.

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He mentioned Incas. Where were the Incas exploding units in real life?

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I don’t know about Incas, but in general meso civs didn’t use gunpowder

I do feel that the flaming camel is good for its use against mass cav, especially elephants. Also, Tatars seem like they may be in a good place now.

That said, it’s locked behind a tech, trained from a castle, in the imperial age so I wouldn’t see much of a negative in buffing it a little bit more against buildings, maybe specifically against non stone/defensive buildings. Not as strong as petards, but still some viability, in imperial for destroying productuon buildings and houses. After all they’re flaming, I could see logic to them burning down wood buildings.

Make them available from castle age and maybe a tiny little bit faster