Buff the Lithuanians?

I honestly start to think Franks need to lose Chivalry.

First nerf the Franks and then we talk about the Lithuanians

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they don’t need a buff to offset the nerf.

They were nerfed because they were too much.
Now they’re just fine.


Tbh what I think should be 100% be buffed is their halbs. Probably the way to do it is to make tower shields grant extra armour as well (maybe +2/2 instead of 0/2?)

Why don’t we just delete the Poles civ altogether then?

delete position-picking from ranked

that is the problem with all these civs that aren’t A++++ at just spamming 1 unit mindlessly. they no longer have any place in the game because it’s just a frank/mayan/briton festival

lithuanian are a civ that can play different maps/positions pretty well. not great. not bad. overpowered on hybrid maps because 150f is a stupid bonus, but the general structure of the civ is pretty versatile. they don’t need buffs.

they would do fine without furnace in any reasonable version of Random Map, but DE is not about playing Random Map. DE is about playing scenarios

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Not only their halbs but also the militia line, they don’t even have supplies, infantry as a whole was heavily affected with the nerf. I also had an idea like yours about giving halbs +1, or +2 melee armor through Tower Shields.


Tbh I doubt you were making any chsmps before this either way.


You are right, but my point is the civilization lost a lot of versatility, and infantry is now weak in general. And also I agree with the idea of giving melee armor through Towers Shields to halbs.


It’s fine if Lithuanians have weak infstry and their halbs are still good vs cavalry doing their job. Buffed hussar more than makes up for the nerf to their great overall trash unut arsenal.

Paladins are finally balanced now and their leitis still shred.

The civ is as flexible as ever.

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I think the state they are now is decent, halbs are still decent, winged hussars are better than what they were before the patch, taking 2 relics will take you to default paladin and another one to a better one, obviously. Tho the leitis was already strong, idk about rising the attack, even before elite.
To be honest if i was in the devs place i wouldnt give relic bonus attack for cavalry in the first place, just regen for cav increasing with each relic, but with blast furnace down i think we are going in the right direction.

Why not just extend the relic bonus to five relics?

IF the goal is to buff them because they are too weak (which i highly doubt they will be), how will this actually help?

What are the actual odds Lithuanians manage to get 5 relics?

When you just have one way to be strong with the civ, it means you don’t have flexibility. Halbs are now weak, I doubt they can “do their job” against strong cav civs, because lacking of the latest attack and defense upgrade is a lot. They now have even weaker militia line, don’t have strong siege, don’t have good archers.

Lithuanians now depend strictly from making monastery and castle to take reliqs, and research techs or make Leitis (castle stuff take many time).

Moreover, Leitis are practically the same than before, they just “adjusted” the attack to what they lack without having blast furnace.

Winged Hussar tech is more expensive and the real bonus are the +5 hp, because standar hussar can get +2 attack through blacksmith. The real strong trash are the skirms.

Looking at the whole thing their trash is good but not a “great overall unit arsenal”, but specially, they aren’t flexible-versatil.

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Agreed with all you said, but according to some experts here, Lithuanians are still soo strong, this nerf is just silly.
At this point I see the Spanish and Magyars much more better and versatile civs for both 1v1 and TGs
also you are talking to a guy which only picks Portuguese:

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Maybe its just better to delay the extra food by just making feudal age cheaper. It would keep them mostly the same on land but nerf them on water

Don’t quote me but someguy said they were gonna give them blast furnace back

Who said that? 20 characters

yeah i doubt that happens without some sort of other nerf to offset it, and i won’t believe it without a credible source.

Some guy on the forums but may be false I don’t know