Buff the Lithuanians?

How would you buff the Lithuanians? One rule, you can’t give them Blast Furnace back.

To offset the nerf, I would give the Leitis more pierce armour. That way, they still have a good unit, even if they have a lack of relics. Or even when they have no relics at all in a team game, at least they will be a one-trick pony unit.


Right now its too early to see the full impact and we shouldn’t be talking buffs or nerfs to anyone


The patch has changed a lot of civs and even the map arabia is more open so we dont know about how lithuanians are at the moment. Lets wait.

did you maybe misspell nerf the lithuanians :P,

lower winged and elite leitis attack by -1


Maybe everyone should just calm down. Hera and viper also agreed with this change or at least didn’t disagree. Only in this forum everyone starts to believe lithuanian’s are now trash.


Yeah because elite leitis is so strong that the unit is very rarely seen and totally needs nerfs. They lost 2 attack on cavalier/paladins and halbs. They gained 5 hp and 1 melee armor on hussar. Net result is a nerf.


lith needed a nerf desperatiely, +4 paladin where the think most in need of a nerf in the game by far, even above chinese, ruining casual teamgames all the time. that has been adressed.

buffing/compensating lith is totally uncalled for. why even have balance changes in the first place then

i would not be supsprised if lith end up even more dominant in pro meta, and hera already had them as S tier overall, tied with prenerf chinese

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If +4 paladins are so strong please explain why franks were chosen twice as often as lithuanians in team games. And had a better winrate too?

And yet even in low ranking team games there numbers weren’t as oppressive as other civs out there.

Lithuanians played 1/3 what Franks are.

Lithuanians played less then half what Franks are and have a lower winrate to boot.

Lithuanians played 40% of what Franks are and have a lower winrate as well.

they already have solid halbs.

they are missing stuff necessary for Infantry Siege builds that even giving them plate armor won’t help.

Give them plate mail armour.
They’re not meant to have good champions, and with blast furnace gone they won’t be good even with plate mail armour.
They still have good paladins with the +4 relics, but I want some really amazing trash units for Lithuanians.
It would be nice to have a game with them where you don’t have to resort to making leitis or paladin in the late game.
Using their mediocre siege supported with amazing trash sounds really fun to me.

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This would make their helbs even more op.

Not sure in which world you are living but lithuanians already have one of the strongest trash…maybe even the best trash now with these hussars, lol.

i think that will be polish or slavs. their halbs got weaker, especially in halb wars, their hussar wasn’t buffed that much due to losing blood furnace (+1 MA, +5 Health), and skirms are the least useful unit in trash wars.


right, forgot missing Blast furnace also nerfs the helbs…

I think we can still agree that their trash is still strong tho. Their hussars are still stronger than generic ones and skirms do play a role…their helbs are maybe a bit weaker but moving faster, which is sometimes even better.


oh definitely strong trash. just don’t think it’s the strongest trash in the game.

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But wait why poles? They are missing helbs, their hussars miss last armor upgrade(which is worse imo) and their skirms are also not special?

Or am i missing sth.?

If u are reffering to the knights…30g is still not trash. Considering they are also missing the last upgrade here and this tech isn’t that cheap it’is also not overwhelming.

Are they really that solid anymore?
-2 attack and -1 melee armour is a bit of a blow to their performace.
Seems like a significant tradeoff in melee fights for some extra speed.

giving them plate armor won’t help.

I feel like +1/2 armour would be fairly useful in a lot of situations, specifically combined with Tower Shields.


hussar with trample damage is gonna be strong.

-2 attack on a unit that does 32 bonus damage. they aren’t going to be great during halb wars but they are still solid vs cavalry.

but the problem is their siege is still BAD.

Nothing. The civ is still mega strong. Wouldn’t give them any buffs. The new layout of Arabia is a huge indirect boost to civs like the Lith. So I see no good reason for buffing them.


That does not make their trash overall better than lithuanian in my opinion.

Bohemians trash could become really scare as well…helbs with more dmg and i am already scared about this monk for food thing.

Monks for food could become pretty broken in this game. Players with decent micro will destroy cav/siege civs with this.

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hussar is by far the most important trash unit, and theirs does bonus damage to archers and has trample. that’s pretty significant.

-2 attack on a unit that does 32 bonus damage. they aren’t going to be great during halb wars but they are still solid vs cavalry.

That’s sort of my point.
I agree with what you’re saying because it ignores the -1 melee armour.
I was talking about -2 attack and -1 melee armour as a combined effect and not individually.

but the problem is their siege is still BAD.

That’s not really the point of my argument, I never said it was good.
Just that it would be interesting to see a combination of excellent trash with lower tier siege.