Buff zamburaks

i think this is the worst dragoon in the game i think they need 14 range in age 3 only that i will be happy with that buff they die ,so fast, cant kill high hp cav i know they have howdahs they are better but they are expensive they have high pop hope they buff them

They are fine as they are.

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yeah i know they are good but they are not good vs other goons vs 14 range i think they need that range to kill high hp cav i only ask for more range only that i dont wanna more hp more damage only range

They have higher speed, they are not made to fight other dragoons for that you have ghurka.

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i am tell they need more range for kill cav with high hp you dont understand

because india lacks caracole, zambs are locked at 12 range. Thankfully, you have incredible muskets, 16 range howdah, insane dps melee rajputs to help. Zambs are lovely goon units in most regards, but their breakpoint is pretty bad with melee cav. if you can double card em they’re incredible, just gotta keep em away from anything melee - micro is key to success with zambs


If you wanna buff em, lock em for age 3. kinda op that india has all units in age 2