Buffing halbs


Just because there are different sizes of screwdrivers does not mean I need to use all different sizes all the time during my work. We also don’t see the dominant use of orange/purple/green ball pen despite producing them is super easy nowadays.

Furthermore, spearman is a generic unit. Making any change would easily cause a landslide effect on civ balance, and I believe this is probably the last thing dev wants to see.

I really hope people can think about that first before trying to suggest any balance changes, especially changes that wants to “increase meta diversity”.

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Halbs are extremely common, champions have their uses, condotierri are seen often when they’re available, I can’t think of a single infantry unique unit that doesn’t get used (including TKs and recently jaguar warriors).

Infantry has always been doing the role of meatshield. Thats their part of the war. Both in historical battles and in this game. That doesnt mean they are useless. Not in any way, But you need to have enough of them and you need to have some sort of support to make them effective. It can be archers, or cavalery or siege. or a combination of those. Rushing a bunch of enemies with a small group of infantry is doomed to fail. Every part of the army/navy has its role to play and they are all effective used in the right way. Oh and good armor never hurts. :slight_smile: