Buffing the Portuguese in 2021

The Portuguese are a fairly weak civ in 1v1 games, especially on land maps. Their speciality is the late game but they need to get there in order to win but because of the competitive scene, they are unable to get there.

Although they have been getting more attention than they used to they still need a buff.

The Portuguese really need a buff and Koreans are pretty weak too because the devs are taking away their only viable strategy.


the problem Portuguese have is its hard to take advantage of their strengths. you need to have precision timing to take advantage of them. with their 30% faster techs you can use lots of little advantages to snowball. also take advantage of small windows where you have crossbow or faster upgrades to grab advantages there.


Portuguese is like Chinese now, with a really strong set of bonii, but it is hard to take advantage of them effectively.

However, Ports are strong now, and need no further buffs.


I think so too but they underperform on land.

they underperform for the majority of players for the same reason Chinese do. their bonuses are hard to use.



Their bonuses are as simple as it gets.

Research a tech - do it faster. Make a unit , pay less gold.

They are buffed as *****

They need no buffs just peaple to play them without going for cheasy strategies like fast imp feitoria or fast castle UU etc


They excel everywhere in castle age and have good archers and very nice cavaliers in imp.

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taking advantage of the 30% tech bonus is not simple.


They are my second favourite civ but they are very weak in competitive Arabia.

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Why you just finish hand cart faster and make a vil, you just upgrade everything a bit faster.

it just helps, no questions asked…

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Try a maa to archers build
drush to feudal archers

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it does, but its lots of little advantages that you have to know how to take advantage of.

and clearly based on ladder winrates, that isn’t easy.

taking advantage of the small window where you have crossbow and your opponent does not, isn’t easy.


I believe a lot of folks are going super cheasy with them…

The bonus is useful in games vs the AI, in which it is fairly easy to boom and research all techs.

Less Gold on units is not as big a discount as less Food, for example, so you have to know how to use it.

Faster Research only helps if you know what to research, and how to take advantage of said research.

It is not as easy as you make it out to be, or else we would not be getting “buff Ports” threads every now and again.

I agree that they need nothing, but their bonii are indeed tricky to use efectively.

Bonii? Don’t you mean bonuses?

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the correct is bonii in latin


They still need squires.

They could have one of the smoothest Champion transitions in the game. (Arguably on-par with Bulgarians.)

I’ve always thought it’s good for there to exist a civ without squires. But with Portuguese it just anti-synergises with the whole design of the civ, at least the way I see the civ.


It’s just that their bad reputation sticks to them. I mean look at the other 3 civs on your screen, we have Viet, Cuman and Malay that have a barely better winrate despite not being weak, it’s just that they are underrated/have a bad reputation too.

And if by “the only viable Korean strat” you mean towers, it’s no longer the case with their new archer rushes. Also being able to build 5 pierce armour discounted war wagons straight out of your first castle is just nuts 11


ports could use a Elite! Organ gun buff and would greatly benefit if the general handcannon buff ever came

  1. I think that the problem is they have no porper civ-combat bonus and aquebus is really expensive to get and the units niche that benefit from it.
    I would make current aquebus effect a civ bonus (starting in imperial age to prevent OP aquebus organs in castle age), just like spanish faster projectile on galleons + faster attack speed and then i would replace the current UT effect with organ guns +1 range.
    Organ guns are just bad in imperial age, when there are paladins, mass hussars, onagers or siege rams, even mass trash skimisher. They are super expensive and got too many threats that can mop the floor wit them. My points are from a DM/Teamgame perspective as i dont play 1v1 RM personally.

  2. Ports got boring super blant gameplay atleast until castle age even thought this complaint is propably a common one, lets introduce a directive into their gameplay.
    -Receive 50/60/70 stone on age up.
    This would allow easy walling in feudal or almost 1/2 of another tower
    110 Stone in total if saved on on arriving in castle for a faster castle drop and organ guns which are almost OP in castle age (but suck as in post imp!), or it can be used for another TC as a boom.
    180 Stone if saved up to imp to drop a feitira. Might be OP Bonus but atleast its something new that offers hopefully less boring general gameplay for ports?

  3. Squirres would allow them to atleast have some FU meele units. Take the tech away from franks! If i remeber correctly franks didnt have the tech anyway in AoC, they have been overbuffed and reveerting is straight forward.

THeir shiny new reaseach bonus didnt help the civ in winrates enough, even thought people say that they are fine, they are still sitting comfortably in the bottom 5 (atleast in 1v1).

As an avid Portuguese player, I can confidently say they need no further buffs. A solid tech tree and great universal bonuses overall make the Portuguese (in my opinion) a very powerful and flexible civ. All of their units and bonuses have a valuable use. Sure, you need to be in Imperial age to get many of their bonuses, but not all civs need good early game techs. I wouldn’t mind some tweaking with the organ gun though to give the unit and the Portuguese more of an identity. I would also like to add that it is alright if not every civ is perfectly balanced for land maps. The Portuguese are extremely powerful on water maps, and to make them powerful on both map types would leave them a brokenly overpowered civ.