"buffing" Western reforms

Not really on the basis of balance but more that currently the card gives +8% atk and hp to all chinese units. I would really like this to be a round 10%. As it is a late game card I don’t think this has much balance implications but since the brit consulate has been nerf one could argue that this could be compensated with an additiona +2% atk and hp on western reforms.



China really doesn’t need late game buffs.

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Sure im not going to say they need this, more for wanting that round 10% and maybe offset the brit consulate nerf

A 2% buff across the board is quite a big buff.

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A 3% nerf across the board is an even bigger nerf. Should make the card give 11%.


It affects All units, and is a mandatory card in most Chinese decks.
It really does not need any buffs. Even Artilleery, Mercenaries and Consulate units get the bonus, and Consul units are already significantly stronger than the actual units of their parent civs.


A nerf shouldn’t always get a compensation.

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Guys, for the love of God, do not ask for more buffs for China, it is very powerful at the moment, since I am almost catching hatred of this civilization, I have seen two boys elo 1300 face a single Chinese in a late game, AND THE CHINESE ALMOST WINS !!!


I mean I am fine with it not happening, just something to restore the beauty of round 10% numbers.

I’m in for the 2% increase, most chinese buff card are age3/4 anyway.

There are quite a few in Age 2:
-Standard Army HP
-Siege HP
-Siege Attack
-Mongolian Scourge

And that is if you do not count Banner School, which is an universal training time reduction for all Banner Armies.

It has as many as Age 3.