Bug about direct fire blocking with stone walls

Dear the devs and fellow players,

I found that shooting the stone walls with a Bombard still had a Bug that greatly affected the experience of the game.

The stone walls are known to block direct fire, but the remains of the building seem to have functioned that way.

Diagram of blocked fire

Ⅰ:This leads to a situation as shown in the figure :

When you use “Shift” to command Bombard to shoot a stone wall, and after successfully destroying one section of the wall, continue to shoot another section stone wall, as long as in the red area, the Bombard will be blocked by the remains and cannot fire, while the unit will be frozen in place unless you manually control it. The Bombard can only fire if you manually control the blue zone.

I hope that removing the blocking properties of the remains of the wall will improve this problem.

Ⅱ:The second case is the question of the stone gate.

When your unit(Springald) is close to the gate, suffered direct fire is judged to be blocked. However, because of the model, your units are not blocked and can fire at will.

This creates a phenomenon that the opposing Springald can’t shoot at your units that are extremely close to the city gate, but your Springald can shoot at will.

Hopefully, some sort of repair patch will improve the situation widely, or else we’ll just have to rely on

Ram to destroy the stone walls efficiently.